Oleg and Lena Vasilevsky

Radooga Ministries: "Reaching Ukrainian Students for Christ"

This summer is gearing up to be one of the busiest summers ever for Radooga Camps. With over 13 camps in the planning stages many students will have have the opportunity to hear the gospel message and grow in their faith and character. Please pray for preparations for all the camps and specifically pray for the Grace Youth that will be participating in one of the English Language Camps this summer. Pray also that God will use this summer to draw many youth into a new and renewed relationship with HIM.=

Peter and Margre Hays

 Church planting in the Netherlands with Greater Europe Mission

In May we launched the Alkmaar city evangelism project. The website which points people to Christ is receiving many visits as signs go up all over the city and the terrific team from Bible Fellowship church hits the streets.

  Prayer Requests:

  • Thank the Lord for his faithfulness in answering so many prayers to let us shine the light of Christ for the 250,000 unchurched people of our city.
  • "Pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ" (Col. 4.3)

Spiridon & Stefanie Cozaru

Working with Operation Mobilization in Moldova

“Thank you so much for keeping us and the work here in your prayers. This is such an encouragement for us!”

Meet the Cozarus:

  • Spiridon (Moldovan) and his wife Stefanie (Dutch) have been serving with OM Moldova for many years.
  • They previously led a local ministry team in Micleuseni. The team worked in both Micleuseni and a neighboring village, Huzum.
  • They planted a church in Lozova and moved there last October despite much opposition from Orthodox followers.
  • They are raising three brothers from a socially vulnerable family whose mother has left the country to work. This is very common in Moldova.


  • Courage for the local church members to share their faith. Christians who are not Orthodox are viewed with much suspicion/fear and are believed to be cultists. As the church is being built in the center of the village there is much opportunity to share God’s truth. Public evangelism on the church property was held on June 20 and 21- pray that this planted seeds in hearts.
  • Changes to the plans of the church require another round of signature gathering from officials, which is very challenging.
  • August 7-12 will be youth camp. “Still a lot of preparations have to be done, so pray for wisdom as we have to choose a Bible study. Pray for good interaction with the youth.”
  • The boys’ behavior has been very challenging and stressful for Spiradon and Stefanie. They will be in discussion with the mother, who is home for a month this summer, as to whether they will continue living with Spiridon and Stefanie. Pray for restful sleep and proper rest, especially for Stefanie.

Latest news: June 2017

Arcadii & Natasha Crescuic

Arcadii & Natasha Crescuic

Church Leaders in the village of Calimanesti, Moldova

Grace has been working for several years with Arcadii and Natasha in Calimanesti. The work is draining, and the Orthodox Church is against it. Please continue to lift them up in prayer.


  • The number of leaders in the church has grown. Pray for Igor (who is in training to be a pastor) and Elena, their daughter Felicia, Mariana, Alexander, Liuda and other leaders “that God will give them new power, wisdom, love, patience, and spiritual light”
  • “To increase everything we do in the ministry.”
  • For removal of the barriers keeping people from coming to God- “shame, disbelief, love of sin,” and opposition from the Orthodox Church and school teachers
  • Pastor Victor travels to Calimanesti Sunday afternoons to preach and Wednesdays to hold Bible study with the local mean and boys. Please pray for open hearts and attentiveness.
  • Space needs in the church building, especially with the elderly eating lunch there during the week
  • How to be salt and light amongst hurting people living in extreme poverty and  often struggling with alcoholism

Eugen Ciumac

Eugen Ciumac
OM Moldova Field Director

A native Moldovan, Eugen is celebrating ten years with OM Moldova this year. He asks for wisdom to lead the team and follow God. Along with the leadership of the organization, Eugen is embarking on a Master's Degree in theology. Prayer is needed for scheduling and time management, and for Eugen to grow in his Bible understanding. Please also lift up his family members who don't know Christ yet. It can be a challenge for Moldovans on the team to gather personal financial support due to the economic conditions of the country, so please pray for full support for them.


Summer is always a busy time. This year 270 Christians from other countries will participate in their Love Moldova outreaches to approximately 60 villages. Some will be on river trips, some on cycling teams, some on teams trekking from village to village, some working on teams with a local church. At the same time there will be separate boys and girls camps for socially vulnerable children with a focus on prevention of human trafficking. OM Moldova also distributes Bibles and New Testaments to people who would have no other access to them. As a child Eugen received a New Testament, which was important to him becoming a Christian later.  Regarding all these outreaches, please pray for God's protection and the seeds of the Gospel to fall on good soil.


With a new OM goal of seeing "vibrant communities among the least reached", Eugen asks for prayer for God's discernment and provision of good church planting partners.

Victor & Emilia Antoci

Victor & Emilia Antoci
Victor pastors Betania (Bethany) Church in Nisporeni, Moldova. He has planted three other churches in the neighboring towns of Micleuseni, Calimanesti, and Huzum.

Victor is pastor of Betania Church in Nisporeni Moldova, and also does regional evangelism, church planting, partnering, preaching and compassion work. Grace began working with Victor in 2007 and several teams have ministered alongside Victor and OM Moldova missionaries over the years.

Emilia directs worship and is blessed with a beautiful singing voice. She also works in outreach and hospitality.

Victor and Emilia have three children: Cornelius, Jessica, and Otilia.


  • Eight people were baptized recently in the village of Micleuseni, where Victor planted a church several years ago, and 10 are scheduled to be baptized in Nisporeni. Those in the dominant Orthodox religion often persecute converts to Christianity in Moldova.
  • There was a children’s excursion to a historic monastery in early June.
  • Youth from Betania and connected churches participated in a national Christian youth conference in early June.
  • They held a children’s camp in the forest in mid-June.
  • June 19-20 they had evangelism outreach in Nisporeni and Lozova with people from several villages attending.


  • July 17-22 we will have a children’s day camp in Nisporeni and a youth evangelism evening in the city park.
  • They will hold a youth camp in the forest August 7-12 where 80 youth are expected.
  • Children’s evangelism outreach will be held in villages August 21-26.
  • Victor desires to plant another church in his town and is looking for space to rent. Pray for favor.
  • Prayers for Emilia's headaches will be greatly appreciate them.

Ab & Habiba El Youssi-

Ab & Habiba El Youssi-

The El Youssis areministering by radio throughout North Africa and run a community care center in Malaga, Spain for Muslim immigrants.

Serving with World Venture in Malaga, Spain

Ab and Habiba El Youssi, our missionaries with World Venture in Spain, have been praying for a bigger building in Malaga to provide services to the increasingly large contingent of North Africans who live in Malaga and along the coast of southern Spain. This prayer request was answered two months ago with another building they are now able to rent in a location that is very close to their primary community center in Malaga. A youth group from a church in Norway recently came to Malaga to both clean and paint their new building.

Latest News

Armand and Jean L.

 Armand and Jean L. serve in Asia Minor helping refugees withdaily physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Shall we tell them?" S said.  "If you want" he said.  What does a 3 hour visit look like?  Last night from 8:00 until 11:00 pm we sat around the kitchen table at S. & A.'s house while she made a special Iranian dish for us to eat.  We drank tea, ate cookies and some special nut mixture from Iran while we talked, catching up with them because we hadn't seen them much lately at the fellowship.  We heard about their jobs, how their case with the UN is proceeding, about their recent guests from Iran.  We looked at some pictures and heard how she had sent a N.T. to her sister back in Iran via the returning guest. Praise Him! We told them we were missing them at the fellowship.   Then they went into a long story about another couple that were good friends butthey told us some things this couple had said and done that were not right and alsohurt their feelings.  Since S & A are new babes they can't believe people who are really followers act like this.  Thus began a long discussion about how disciples should live - using the book we took them to several passages.  One passage was John 21, the good shepherd  while talking to Peter told him basically not to worry about John but to follow after Him.  We challenged them to live according to the book and walk with the light of the world themselves and forgive and lift up others.  After a time of calling on the name together and of course after eating the special dish she made 😊 around 11:15 we headed home.  May S & A grow in their faith!


On another note we have cancelled meetings at the fellowship for 2 weeks until after the month of fasting due to a couple of suspicious men asking questions about the group.  We felt it was better to be cautious at this time  BUT  please stand in the gap as we plan to re-open on the 25th of June.  This Sunday we are trying a skype meeting and hoping folks will join us for singing, talking to father & a message given by one of our Nari brothers. Many have voiced how they love meeting together and are sad for the 2 week break.  Ask for His protection and for His Will.  We trust in Him!


Thanks for your remembering us and co-laboring with us! 


Blessings,  Armand & Jean

Greg and Mala Malstead

Greg and Mala Malstead

Mala Malstead- faces expulsion from India March 9th. A higher court has agreed to hear Mala’s case in attempt to reverse the lower court’s expulsion ruling. Mala has legal status as an “Overseas Citizen of India” (OCI) because she was born in India. Her case has major implications for all Christian work in India as well as for all OCI citizens.. Please pray – may the LORD be glorified in how this is resolved.

Rescuing young girls from forced prostitutionin India through Freedom Firm.

Freedom Firm is a non-profit organization dedicated to the liberation of children enslaved in commercial sexual exploitation, their effective rehabilitation, and to seek justice against those who have profited from their misery. In 2000, Freedom Firm founders Greg and Mala Malstead moved their family to Mumbai, India. Greg as the Director of International Justice Mission (IJM), relocated to India in order to open IJM’s mission to reduce sex trafficking of Indian women.

Freedom Firm is located in 4 cities across India and will soon be in a 5th city (Uttar Pradesh). There is an estimated 500,000 minor girls in forced prostitution in India.  Freedom Firm participates in the rescue and rehabilitation of these minor girls and actively pursues justice by assisting the legal authorities in the conviction of those who oppress minor girls.

Since the beginning of 2012, Freedom Firm has rescued 43 girls.  Freedom Firm recently completed their 100th rescue.  Please pray with Greg and Mala that more girls can be rescued and that the laws can be changed to make it harder for this oppression to take place.

Learn more about Freedom Firm and how you can get involved on their website or “Like” them on Facebook.

Visit the MacLachlan’s website for updates and more information about their ministry to these hurting girls.

If you would like to contribute to their ministry, please click HERE.

Marty and Susan Larsen- North America

Marty and Susan Larsen

The Larsen's provide much needed pastoral care for Wycliffe missionaries working in the field
through Pastors Beyond.



Hi there!

Thank you for praying for us during our trip to Wycliffe-Orlando in June. We had a great trip and time with people. We know this is due to a large part because each of you were praying for us at some point. Thank you!

--We had no car issues or travel delays or problems for the entire 1335 miles of travel over the week… This is huge! The first three days were largely spent in the car, dotted with times visiting friends and family before arriving at Wycliffe Headquarters. These times of visiting were refreshing to say the least.
--We were able to meet with our supervisor/Wycliffe interface two levels up, who is the Director of Personnel for all of Wycliffe-USA. During that time she had an idea of how to further introduce us to the ‘Wycliffe[SIL] international people’ who will be in country for meetings in October at Orlando. The discussion has set in motion for us to travel to Florida for a lunch meeting with all these people. This would follow a Skype meeting with them before October hopefully. This would further ours and their understanding of Pastors Beyond coming alongside Wycliffe/SIL entities around the world and how we can be introduced to more teams and set up trips. This is exciting and soooooo encouraging! Thank you for continuing to pray in this direction!
--Our time with the new Pastors Beyond couple, Tim and Karen, even exceeded our expectations. We discovered many similarities in our courtships [many years ago now] that it was uncanny. We were able to share with each other the life of a Pastors Beyond couple. They came with many questions. We had a time of worship together on Sunday morning. The road God has lead them on seems to be converging well on this new chapter for them. They feel that God is sending them to ‘tend His sheep, feed His sheep, pastor His sheep’ on mission entities around the world. This is exactly the role they will fill. Thank you for praying with us for Tim and Karen and us!
So now how to pray?
--For a Skype conversation with the International personnel leadership of Wycliffe/ SIL.
--For a decision about an October meeting.
--Tim & Karen as we set up communication for their first trips and they seek prayer and financial partners.

Kevin & Karla Boot- South America

Kevin & Karla Boot

Working in Brazil, helping to train and mobilize Brazilians to help reach the most unreached.


If you would like to know more about their ministry, please contact them at

kevinsboot@gmail.com or karlaboot@gmail.com

From Kevin Boot, President of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Brazil.

Perspectivas Brasil recently held their 2017 National Perspectives Coordinators Retreat in Campinas, São Paulo.  This was a time for training coordinators, their spouses, and coordinator assistants to meet each other, be encouraged through the teaching of God’s Word, pray for the ministry and each other, and enjoy a time of fellowship.  There were over 130 people from 13 different states. In 2017, there will be over 42 courses taught throughout Brazil.


  1. The Lord blessed our Perspectives National Coordinator's Retreat in amazing ways, through the worship, messages, fellowship, prayer and training times.  God really spoke to all of us.

  2. Praise for how God has provided a strong group of such competent, visionary and proactive regional leaders to form our Executive Team.  They have really come on strong.  There are 9 such leaders in our 5 main regions where we have 4+ courses a year.

  3. The Frontiers Brasil national team meetings went well - we were able to make some solid plans for the next year or so, in spite of some challenges.

  4. We have several teams and workers getting ready to go out with Frontiers in the next 12-18 months, including 2 new team leaders (TL's), something that is important in our movement.


  1. Two of our Frontiers workers came back to Brazil to become team leaders and recruit their own teams.  Pray for JM & A, and for R & S, our new Team Leaders as they adjust to the added responsibilities of leading a team.  They are both going to new regions of Asia and new people groups.  Pray for their new team members, a total of 7 new workers leaving in the next year or so (this now brings us to a total of 5 Brazilian TL's).

  2.  We are losing several of our mobilization staff for Frontiers this year.  At the same time, several new mobilizers are joining the team from several new regions of Brazil. Pray for us in this transition as we train the new people.

  3.  Pray for our Perspectives Executive team as they continue to mobilize and train new coordinators in their regions.  Pray also for a strong regional coordinator in the NE, where we will have 2 courses this year and 4-5 next year.  It is a very big region of about 6 states.

  4. Pray for the 42+ courses that will take place this year in Brasil.