Armand and Jean L.

 Armand and Jean L. serve in Asia Minor helping refugees withdaily physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Shall we tell them?" S said.  "If you want" he said.  What does a 3 hour visit look like?  Last night from 8:00 until 11:00 pm we sat around the kitchen table at S. & A.'s house while she made a special Iranian dish for us to eat.  We drank tea, ate cookies and some special nut mixture from Iran while we talked, catching up with them because we hadn't seen them much lately at the fellowship.  We heard about their jobs, how their case with the UN is proceeding, about their recent guests from Iran.  We looked at some pictures and heard how she had sent a N.T. to her sister back in Iran via the returning guest. Praise Him! We told them we were missing them at the fellowship.   Then they went into a long story about another couple that were good friends butthey told us some things this couple had said and done that were not right and alsohurt their feelings.  Since S & A are new babes they can't believe people who are really followers act like this.  Thus began a long discussion about how disciples should live - using the book we took them to several passages.  One passage was John 21, the good shepherd  while talking to Peter told him basically not to worry about John but to follow after Him.  We challenged them to live according to the book and walk with the light of the world themselves and forgive and lift up others.  After a time of calling on the name together and of course after eating the special dish she made 😊 around 11:15 we headed home.  May S & A grow in their faith!


On another note we have cancelled meetings at the fellowship for 2 weeks until after the month of fasting due to a couple of suspicious men asking questions about the group.  We felt it was better to be cautious at this time  BUT  please stand in the gap as we plan to re-open on the 25th of June.  This Sunday we are trying a skype meeting and hoping folks will join us for singing, talking to father & a message given by one of our Nari brothers. Many have voiced how they love meeting together and are sad for the 2 week break.  Ask for His protection and for His Will.  We trust in Him!


Thanks for your remembering us and co-laboring with us! 


Blessings,  Armand & Jean

Silvina Erwin