Greg and Mala Malstead

Greg and Mala Malstead

Mala Malstead- faces expulsion from India March 9th. A higher court has agreed to hear Mala’s case in attempt to reverse the lower court’s expulsion ruling. Mala has legal status as an “Overseas Citizen of India” (OCI) because she was born in India. Her case has major implications for all Christian work in India as well as for all OCI citizens.. Please pray – may the LORD be glorified in how this is resolved.

Rescuing young girls from forced prostitutionin India through Freedom Firm.

Freedom Firm is a non-profit organization dedicated to the liberation of children enslaved in commercial sexual exploitation, their effective rehabilitation, and to seek justice against those who have profited from their misery. In 2000, Freedom Firm founders Greg and Mala Malstead moved their family to Mumbai, India. Greg as the Director of International Justice Mission (IJM), relocated to India in order to open IJM’s mission to reduce sex trafficking of Indian women.

Freedom Firm is located in 4 cities across India and will soon be in a 5th city (Uttar Pradesh). There is an estimated 500,000 minor girls in forced prostitution in India.  Freedom Firm participates in the rescue and rehabilitation of these minor girls and actively pursues justice by assisting the legal authorities in the conviction of those who oppress minor girls.

Since the beginning of 2012, Freedom Firm has rescued 43 girls.  Freedom Firm recently completed their 100th rescue.  Please pray with Greg and Mala that more girls can be rescued and that the laws can be changed to make it harder for this oppression to take place.

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Visit the MacLachlan’s website for updates and more information about their ministry to these hurting girls.

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