Spiridon & Stefanie Cozaru

Working with Operation Mobilization in Moldova

“Thank you so much for keeping us and the work here in your prayers. This is such an encouragement for us!”

Meet the Cozarus:

  • Spiridon (Moldovan) and his wife Stefanie (Dutch) have been serving with OM Moldova for many years.
  • They previously led a local ministry team in Micleuseni. The team worked in both Micleuseni and a neighboring village, Huzum.
  • They planted a church in Lozova and moved there last October despite much opposition from Orthodox followers.
  • They are raising three brothers from a socially vulnerable family whose mother has left the country to work. This is very common in Moldova.


  • Courage for the local church members to share their faith. Christians who are not Orthodox are viewed with much suspicion/fear and are believed to be cultists. As the church is being built in the center of the village there is much opportunity to share God’s truth. Public evangelism on the church property was held on June 20 and 21- pray that this planted seeds in hearts.
  • Changes to the plans of the church require another round of signature gathering from officials, which is very challenging.
  • August 7-12 will be youth camp. “Still a lot of preparations have to be done, so pray for wisdom as we have to choose a Bible study. Pray for good interaction with the youth.”
  • The boys’ behavior has been very challenging and stressful for Spiradon and Stefanie. They will be in discussion with the mother, who is home for a month this summer, as to whether they will continue living with Spiridon and Stefanie. Pray for restful sleep and proper rest, especially for Stefanie.

Latest news: June 2017