The Abeytas


Dear Friends, 

I want to start this my final letter to you before I retire from World Team to say a great big thank you for all the prayer and support over the last 32 years. 

It’s been a difficult last few years for me to say the least. As a brief recap Paul was diagnosed with Leukemia about three years ago and he was given eight months to live. He was started on regular blood transfusions and chemotherapy and this, at first, helped. I then had a stroke on Christmas day 2016 and my family were told that I would not last the night. I left the hospital just before Easter but without the use of the left-hand side of my body and confined to a wheelchair. 

Paul then became my full-time care-er. At times I became frustrated at not being able to cook or clean, but Paul reminded me many times that we promised to love one another in sickness and health. Paul continued to teach, preach, disciple and mentor as much as he could. They were his gifts so, in spite of his failing body, he was determined to continue to tell people about his Lord and Savior right until the end. 

My husband of 44 years and best friend died of Leukemia on 30 November 2018. Although at times I am overwhelmed with grief I am comforted that he is now with the Lord and has been given a new body as described in Isaiah 40:31 “The Lord shall renew his strength, he will mount up with wings like eagles, he will run and not grow weary and walk and not grow faint”. 

I am still adjusting with life without my Husband, confined to a wheelchair, and the need for dialysis three times a week. I am still living in my own house in Slough with careers coming to help me four times a day. My Care-ers are all M so I am still able witness to them. 

My daughter Jenay and her husband, Darren and their children Elisabeth and Joshua live a few miles away and so they are a tremendous help to me visiting and helping me with my household chores most days. My son David lives about three hours away and he visits me with his wife Susie and their daughter Azzaria about once or twice a month to help and support me. I feel very blessed by my family. 

All that is left for me to say is another huge “THANK YOU” for all your prayers & support, I have been blessed by you. Thank you for being our partners and allowing us to be obedient to God’s calling on our lives, it is great to have the assurance that Paul is definitely with his Savior in heaven. This gives me wonderful peace. 

With much love & thanks, 

Lorraine Abeyta