The Antocis

Grace Global Partners serving in Moldova

Victor Antoci is the pastor of Betania (Bethany) Church in Nisporeni, Moldova, located west of the capital city Chisinau.

Victor is a gifted evangelist and church planter, having helped to start 5 different fellowships in the Nisporeni region in the past 20 years. He is also the regional director for the Pentecostal Church of Moldova for his region.

Emilia, a gifted vocalist often leads both worship services and evangelistic meetings. Together they have 3 young adult children: Corneliu and Jessica are both in college, and Otillia is in Christian high school. All 3 children are participating leaders in the local youth ministry.

Victor was trained in theology in both Romania and in the USA (Dallas, TX). His father is the pastor of a large church fellowship in northern Moldova.

Grace has been a supporting partner with Victor and Emilia and now their five planted churches since 2008. A Grace short-term missions team, serving together with OM Moldova, worked with Victor in 2007, and Scott Ash led a campaign to support Victor in his ministry to be a self-sustaining entrepreneur and farmer.

Through our partnership with Victor and OM Moldova, Grace now sponsors 5 evangelistic/church planting efforts throughout Moldova:

* Nisporeni *Victor and Emilia

* Calimanesti *Arcadi and Natasha Cresciuc

* Huzum *Nicu

* Lozova *Spiridon and Stefanie Cozaru

* Cobilea *OM Moldova team, including Eugen Ciumac