Armand & Jean


Yes we are in the midst of a great harvest.
Father is pouring out grace as the disasters roll. I hope I will be in reaping mode when I get to the US.
Jean and I met at CIU in 1972 preparing for the Jr-Sr banquet. She came to CIU to be a worker and father had to show me I could be of use in the harvest. I was lifting up the need of more workers to Father one day and he suggested I consider that for myself. I said He knew I couldn’t do that. He agreed but said that HE could! He would open some doors if I would walk through them. I agreed. 

I met a recruiter from our outfit about that time & heard how I could be of use in Iran following up people who were studying the book by mail. Since I had some background in doing follow-up with a campus/military outfit I would have some skills that would be of use.

I saw this as an open door so I went through.
Jean said she’d pray about marrying me and so another door opened.
When we got to Iran , we began learning language.
Then the revolution came and we left. I did get my life threatened there in Iran but wasn’t Fathers plan.

Next we went to Kenya, Africa to touch the Swahili Arabs of Mombasa. We learned Language, did some work getting the good news out and saw a couple of folks from our focus group join father’s family in 19 years.
Then we went to help in the home office of our outfit in 2000. We recruited over 150 new workers in 8 years as a part of a team. 
Then we went to Asia minor to help Iranian refugees. Worked on learning languages and now are in the last part of the harvest we have so much enjoyed being a part of and been greatly honored to have this open door before us.

Yes I also have gone through other life threatening times and attempted gov’t changes. I had cancer and now Jean is facing tests to see if she has cancer as well.

We have 4 kids and 3 grand kids who are following the father and who humble us by their faith walks.
Lift us up as we seek those open doors in next stage of semi-retirement and dealing with the times of life that many of us pass through along the way. 

Lift us up as we continue to harvest 2 more weeks and then head for the US.
Oct 3rd we are flying to the US for a conference with our outfit, and then up to Chicago to visit son & grand kids, then to NC to set our home for the sunset years.

I hope to be in Atlanta sooner than Christmas. 3 meetings are shaping up in NC and PA in Nov but if early December is a good time for you we would love to see you folks again,
May all the winds that blow your way bring many miracles, revealing more and more of father’s love,

Phil. 1:6: I am confident of this very thing, 
that HE who began a good work in you will complete it in the day of Christ Jesus.