The Cozarus


Spiridon & Stefanie Cozaru
OM Moldova
Church planters
Lozova, Moldova


Spiridon & Stefanie work diligently in the planting of the church in Lozova, overseeing the new church building/activity center, which is still under construction, and raising three brothers whose mother is working in another country.


Please pray for:

· The spiritual growth of local believers. Many are discouraged because of hardship and societal disapproval.

· An openness for the gospel in Lozova and nearby

· God’s guidance in leading the church, Bible study group & youth group

· The Christmas celebration will incline hearts towards God

· Distribution of firewood and food packages to those God intends will be a blessing

· Wisdom in interacting with the boys- Sava, Andrei & Marin

· Spiridon’s visit to his parents who have emigrated to the US

· Blessing for Stefanie & the boys as they stay behind