The crescuics


Weekly we work with about 60 students. From the beginning to the ninth, After the school hours. They are divided into separated groups by age, and separated girls and boys. Two days with the girls for the week and two days with the boys. We work with all up to the five classes. Arcadie works with boys. Natalia with Mariana and Felicia works with girls and on Friday with children. Tuesday Natalia has a special time with mothers of children and other women at home every Tuesday at 2 o'clock every Thursday at four o'clock After lunch we have a share in our home with families and everyone who wants it. 5 days a week we have a hot lunch for old people. Most of the food is taken by the Arcade, Elena and Felicia. We also have the Sunday morning service at 10 o'clock. We also have the project with the families with the mission with no brothers in which we work with these families in different forms. 
Please pray for us. Thanks to the Grace Church who is with us and the work in Calimanesti. GOD BlESS EVERYONE. CRESCIUC FAMILY.