Face 2 Face with Those Who are Imprisoned 

What is in a letter? Something that most prisoners never experience: Hope 

There is an epidemic of loneliness inside the walls of prisons. 2.2 million people cut off from family, friends and loved ones. 1.9 million of these prisoners will receive no visitors during the course of their sentences.  

“Remember those who are imprisoned as if you were together with them in prison” 

The command is clear, but what does that look like for a believer today?


Every day, at dining room tables, couches and porches all over the country, men and women are slowing down. They are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. They are prayerfully putting pen to paper, writing to people they have never met and probably will never meet. 

These men and women are writing letters to prisoners through Crossroads Prison Ministries. But why do they do what they do? 

Here is what one Crossroads mentor had to say: 

“Prisoners are men and women, brothers and sisters in Christ, who are seeking God trying to do their best day to day, just like me…It brings tears to my eyes to read what some people have gone through in their lives. What counteracts their past pain is fellowship in the present. Being told how much my card or letter meant to them is humbling.”  -Jennifer in Michigan 

Crossroads Prison Ministry connects incarcerated students with mentors through correspondence bible study and personal letters. Studying the Word together and sharing life through letters leads to lifelong transformation for thousands of prisoners. And it has become a source of great joy and blessing for mentors committed to sharing life with someone who is incarcerated. 

Visit CPministries.org for more information about becoming a mentor. Or you can contact our own Kathy Pettinga, who has served with Crosspoint for over 10 years!  

source: cpministries.org

Silvina Erwin