You can reach past prison walls with Jesus Shaped Hospitality

Face 2 Face: Engaging with those we are no longer see. 

Paul says, “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison…” (Hebrews 13:3).

2.2 million men and women live nearly invisible lives behind the walls of the US Prison system. These men and women, lost to their families and communities, are in desperate need of companionship, mentoring and most importantly, the transformational love of Jesus.

What does it look like to truly remember those in Prison?

How do we offer Jesus shaped hospitality to those we are unable to see face to face? 

Could something as simple as a handwritten letter be the hospitality Jesus is calling us to?

Grace member, Kathy Pettinga is practicing this Jesus Shaped Hospitality with Crossroads Prison Ministry.


How does Crossroads Prison Ministry work?

Introduced to drugs at age 14, John was deeply entrenched in the drug trade by his early 20’s. Arrested for attempted murder, barely surviving a shoot out, John found himself crying out to God from a prison cell.  It was then that he connected with Crossroads Prison Ministry. He corresponded with a mentor by mail. Together they completed bible studies and shared in each other’s lives. John’s life was transformed.  

“I fell in love with it,” John said. “There was something about receiving handwritten letters. Jail is such a lonely time. Every letter you get means someone thought about you. They put in time and effort and put pen to paper on your behalf.  Getting a letter from someone on the outside is like gold.” 

John grew in his knowledge of the Bible through Crossroads and began sharing the Gospel with guys in his unit. Having completed his sentence, he is now married with 3 children, leading a street ministry in a major city. Lives continue to be transformed. The impact of the letters received while incarcerated continues to multiply.  

 Would you be willing to put pen to paper in order to share Christ’s love with someone in prison? Visit Crossroads Prison Ministry for more information on becoming a mentor.  



Silvina Erwin