Face 2 Face: Sharing your Passions with those God is Passionate About

Jan Anding teaching a cooking class

Jan Anding teaching a cooking class

Jan Anding told God, “I want to serve you.” She heard him respond with “Feed my people.”

Jan had been using her love of cooking to serve visiting missionaries at the OM office for years, but God had more in mind. After leaving her position at OM, Jan approached Kem Williams for some ideas how she could serve in the community. Kem connected her to The Real Life Center. Four years later, Jan is feeding people’s hearts, minds, and bodies in ways she never imagined.

“People in this community are hungry,” says Jan. “They are hungry for good food. They are hungry for connection, for love and understanding. They are hungry for someone to listen to them.”

Once a month, Jan organizes a team of volunteers to prepare a homemade breakfast for seniors at the Real Life Center. Sharing a meal together does more than keep people well feed. It creates opportunities for connection. The Senior Breakfast volunteers and participants support and encourage one another and pray together. They play games and laugh. Jan says sometimes she just sits and listens. Strong friendships have been formed over the last 4 years. For some, the Senior Breakfast is one of the few times during the month that they connect with people face to face.


Jan also offers a cooking class once a month. Each month she introduces clients at the Real Life Center to different healthy and affordable menu options.

In the last 3 years, she has offered classes on crock pot meals, raw food dishes, and using a pressure cooker, to name just a few. Some clients make an effort to be there each month. Once again, God is using Jan’s passions to meet the needs of those He is passionate about.

Jan’s long-term connection to the clients and students at the Real Life Center opened her eyes to the difficulties of maintaining a healthy diet.

Jan began to wonder how she could help ensure her friends and students at the Real Life Center had the food they needed. Jan is a regular volunteer at our monthly Mobile Food pantry, but she took providing food a step further and decided to raise chickens! Each month, she provides her students a dozen eggs when they participate in one of her cooking classes.

Jan had no idea what God had in mind when he told her to “Feed my people.” But after four years of serving at the Real Life Center, Jan realizes the people she is feeding have become her friends.

The Take A Break Senior Breakfast team

The Take A Break Senior Breakfast team

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