Marnelle Mom Time


The kids at Marnelle were not the only ones who had a fun summer gathering during our week of Local Missions. A small group of moms gathered together to enjoy a break from their day-to-day life and explore their creativity! 

Finding ways to connect with moms at Marnelle Mobile Home Community has been difficult. Language barriers, work schedules and the day to day demands of caring for families makes finding time to build new friendships difficult. Taking time to just be creative and do something for yourself is a real luxury. As we looked at the schedule for the Youth Missions Trip, we realized that many moms would have an evening free thanks to the camp run by our Youth. Beth Williams agreed to share her talent and teaching expertise and lead a workshop for moms during the Camp. The end results were beautiful hand painted trays and most importantly, an opportunity for busy moms to connect and begin to develop new friendships with each other and with some of our Grace Family.  

Conversations moved between English and Spanish and covered family life, jobs, parenting struggles, and the need to make time to recharge through creativity. We were able to pray together and find ways to support one another in the future.  

This is what community living looks like: Art in the parking lot and good conversation. 

Silvina Erwin