Teens: Seeing Their Neighborhood as Mission Field


What happens when a group of teens decide to look at their neighborhood and see the mission field? 

A week of building homes for local families, feeding neighbors facing financial hardship, and sharing the story of Jesus with local children. Partnering with Impact in Griffin, a local homeless shelter in Atlanta, and the Marnelle Mobile Home Community means that these teens didn’t have to travel far to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

An exciting part of serving families in our community is that the relationships don’t have to end when the week is over. Opportunities to grow these relationships will continue throughout the year through Engage Fayette’s partnerships with Cleveland Elementary School, other local non-profits, and area ministries.  Jesus began his ministry in his own backyard. This past week our youth have continued the tradition! 


Looking for a way to serve in our community? Join us at the MOBILE FOOD PANTRY on June 20th or talk to Sally Simon (sallyjas356@gmail.com) about joining the Good News Club team! 

Silvina Erwin