The philosophy and practice of leadership by our elders is built around a commitment to unselfishly serve the needs and best interests of the Grace Church family.

We have grouped the Biblical responsibilities of an elder into three broad categories.

1. To provide general oversight to this local community of believers.  (I Thes. 5:12; I Timothy 3:5; 5:17; Hebrews 13:7, 17; I Peter 5:2)

2. To provide pastoral care for this local community of believers. (Acts 20:28; I Peter 5:2)

3. To provide Biblical instruction to this local community of believers. (Acts 20:27; I Timothy 3:2; 5:17; Titus 1:9)



Hometown: Johnson City, TN
Spouse: Traci
Childhood ambition:  MLB
Hobbies:  murder mysteries
Favorite part of his work: drinking coffee
Most influential read:  Dallas Willard, Eugene Peterson
Wishes he had this superpower:  build a time machine
Personal hero: Obi Wan Kenobi



Hometown: Chicago,Illinois, USA
Spouse: Jorie
Childhood ambition: Lawyer, teacher, political leader
Hobbies: Hiking, camping, reading, cheering for the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs
Favorite part of his work: Helping Grace people to engage others with the truth and compassion of Jesus, globally & locally
Most influential read: Divine Conspiracy, by Dallas Willard
Wishes he had this superpower: Being in two places simultaneously
Personal hero: Mark Hatfield, former US Senator (Oregon) & Christian leader, during the 1960's and 1970's



Hometown: Westland, Michigan (suburb of Detroit)
Spouse: Verna
Childhood ambition: Professional baseball player (shortstop)
Hobbies: Reading, travel
Favorite part of his work: I love writing, teaching, listening to peoples stories and spiritual direction
Most influential readAnything, by Eugene Peterson
Wishes he had this superpower: Omnipresence
Personal hero: Verna, without question



Hometown: Dallas, Texas  
Spouse: Amy
Childhood ambition: Professional football player, and sports broadcaster
Hobbies: Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, playing guitar, date night with amy, going to my kids activities, listening to music
Favorite part of work: When people have life-changing encounters with God, planning and going on overseas missions adventures with teams
Most Influential reads: Book of Acts, Nehemiah, Biographies of early church fathers, missionaries and saints  
Wishes he had this superpower: The ability to fly at supersonic speed
Personal Hero: My dad (trusting God in hard times) and my mom (prayer warrior) 



Hometown: Telford, PA
Spouse: Carrie
Childhood ambition: To be a farmer
Hobbies: Theology, hiking, being a dad
Favorite part of his work: Seeing young leaders improve their communities
Most influential read:  Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Wishes he had this superpower:  Flying
Personal hero: My predecessor and mentor, Jim Moye



Hometown: Cordele, GA
Spouse: Melody
Childhood ambition: Pump gas or play wide receiver for Atlanta Falcons
Hobbies: Reading, travel, food
Favorite part of his work: Helping people grow in Kingdom vision
Most influential readMan: The Dwelling Place of God, by A.W Tozer, or Dark Night of the Soul, by St. John of the Cross
Wishes he had this superpower: Ability to brew coffee directly in my mouth - so much easier when traveling in remote places!
Personal hero: My mother’s fierce dedication to others puts her at the top of my list


Scott Simon

Hometown: Appling, GA and Greeley, CO
Spouse: Sally Simon
Childhood ambition: NFL Football Player
Hobbies: Deepening relationships with Sally, working around the house, being contemplative, reading and a little TV
Favorite part of work: Seeing others develop
Influential read: Boundaries, by Henry Cloud & John Townsend
Super Power: Ability to perceive different perspectives
Personal hero: Fr. Raymond Greiner


Candidates for Elder - 2019


Page Williams