Project Overview

Phases I and II are the ‘the renovation component’ of Extending Grace. They are basic needs which would allow our current facility to continue to serve our family and community well.  



Phase I 

  • Replace auditorium ceiling and lighting 

  • Replace current audio and video equipment with digital equipment 

  • Remodel kitchen and café 

  • Remodel auditorium and entry (Widen entry doors, relocate sound booth, new carpeting, repainting, interior design improvements) 


Projected Cost: Between $500,000.00 - $600,000.00  



Phase II 

  • New parking lot on north side of our property which will connect to rear parking for drive around capability and emergency vehicle access to back side of our property  

  • Repave rear parking and driveway on south side of property to south entrance 

  • Replace current parking area with grass  

  • Add a 2nd entry into new parking area 

  • Lighting and landscaping 

  • Incorporate septic system 


Projected Cost: Between $450,000.00-$525,000.00 



Phase III is ‘the expansion component’ of Extending Grace. This expansion would greatly  

enhance the capacity and quality of our ministry.  


Phase III 

  • This would add 20,000 square feet of space 

  • Common-space atrium for gathering and transition 

  • Large bank of men’s and women’s restrooms 

  • Dedicated space for administrative staff. Other rooms designed for multi-use for staff work areas and ministry use 

  • Café in atrium (using the remodeled kitchen which also serves auditorium) 

  • Dedicated space for small groups, classes, meetings, Engage Fayette use, etc. 

  • Secure entrances for children’s ministry 

  • Large theatre for children and adult groups (seats 150) 

  • Expanded classrooms for children (2nd floor) 

  • Elevator (for 2nd floor access) 

  • Designed for future expansion on the eastside of the building 


Projected Cost: Between $2,150,000.00 - $2,400,000.00 



Please Note: Detailed costs for each phase are provided on the Preliminary Budget worksheet. 

Letter from Jim Grubb

Letter from Jim Grubb 

Extending Grace Project Representative 


As each of us drive onto the Grace campus for worship, meetings, events or any gathering, we take it for granted that the buildings are there and available to us.  Unless we stop and consider that which we enjoy week after week is there because a group of people, many who we do not know, gave so that those buildings could be built.  We have the privilege and the blessing of standing on their shoulders and receiving immense blessings because of their sacrifice.  Let’s take the time to honor and thank God that they provided for us. 

We’re now asking that the current Grace Church family do three things: 

  1. Remember and thank God for the four decades of people who have supported Grace Church. 

  1. Realize that we have used this building to a point in which we have worn it out and it needs to be updated.  We are focusing on the needed updating. 

  1. We also have an opportunity to recognize that our use of the facility is straining our ability to continue to use it well and could limit future activities as God continues to work through the lives of this congregation to our children, adults and our continuing outreach into the community. 

The result of #2 and #3 is that we, too, would create another platform, through our sacrifice, on which future members of this congregation can stand on our shoulders. 

The focus is to replace worn out flooring, lighting, AV equipment and parking lots.  We want to address the kitchen and café design, the limited restroom space, transition spaces outside of the Worship Center, and the security of our children.  We also recognize that our younger families have many children who utilize an under-sized space, and that adult ministries have space issues as well.  The Missions “Lunch and Learn” gatherings for visiting missionaries, for example, often have more than one room can accommodate unless they use the Worship Center. 

We rarely hear people complaining about these issues, and for that we are thankful that this congregation has been willing to roll up their sleeves and make our current facility work.  However, the Elders recognize the limitations that these issues are placing on the current ministry capabilities and after extended periods of conversation, are now bringing the way forward before the congregation.  

A building remodel/construction program can focus on the physical spaces, but the desire and hope of the Elders is that ministry and spiritual growth will be the outcome for which the building is made possible through that growth.  May we enter this expecting God, through His Holy Spirit, to meet us in our hearts and minds and bring us closer to Him. 

You may have questions.  We’ve tried to anticipate a few of those questions at this stage (see Q&A document). They may spark some further conversation.  We hope so because we want you to be informed and ready to respond. 

Please contact me if you have other questions. I would enjoy speaking with you.  

You can email me at or call me at 404-476-1960 

Thank you, 

Jim Grubb 


Extending Grace Q&A 

1.   Why are we doing this? 

a. The building faces many maintenance requirements.  The lights in the auditorium and the system that controls them are outdated beyond getting replacement parts.  The kitchen and bathrooms are undersized and unable to accommodate our desire for hospitality.  Our children’s ministry is overcrowded, as well as our staff. 

b. Our leadership desires to provide greater capacity for the Grace family and ministry to those outside the Grace family in which ministry can happen and be supported by this facility. 

2.   How much is this going to cost? 

a. The total project will be between 3 and 3.5 million dollars. 

b. We propose doing the project in 3 phases.  Each will have its own cost and can be done independently (see the ‘Extended Grace Overview and Budget’ for details). 

c. Will there be a loan that will need to be repaid? 

d. The Elders have determined that we will not borrow.  We will only proceed into the next phase when full funding is available.   

3.   How you can be involved. 

a. Ask questions.  We want you to be as fully informed as you want to be. 

b. Prayerfully consider how our facilities (both current and proposed) can be better used as a ministry tool to both our congregation and our community. We will all be provided prayer guides to help encourage our thinking and our response.  This is a spiritual journey on which we embark, and the prayer to begin this is that this journey will result in a closer walk with our Lord. 

c. Begin to prayerfully consider how God might be inviting you to participate financially. 

4.   When should we give? 

a. Each family is being asked to take the months of March and April to pray and seek from the Lord how you should respond.   

b. The last Sunday in April, we will bring our gifts and celebrate what God has done through his body and Grace. (If you will be away on April 28, you can direct your gift to the ‘Extending Grace Building Fund’.) 

c. A restricted fund called “Extending Grace Building Fund” has been established and will remain open until the project is completed.  

5.   What will be done after April 28 

a. The amount given on April 28 will determine our next step. 

b. If enough is given to complete Phase I or II, we will proceed. 

c. If enough money is not given, we wait until God provides before beginning /completing each phase. 

More Questions on PDF