New Roles and New Challenges for Greg and Mala Malstead

Mike Stachura, together with OM Arts team member Kurt Lenzlinger, spent last week in eastern Kentucky (Red River Gorge) in a week of debriefing with Greg and Mala. After 18 years of living and ministering among young women who are being sexually trafficked, they are now based here in the USA.

Why? Because the court case against Greg, which bars him from working/living in India, still has not been resolved. Nearly 20 months ago, the court was to have ruled on the validity of his presence and work with FREEDOM FIRM. To date, the ruling has never been released or made public.


FREEDOM FIRM-USA has just invited Mala to become their USA Executive Director and she has started in this role in mid-January. She will be traveling extensively, developing networks of local volunteers, working on raising awareness, prayer, and finances for all of the Indian national staff members still working on rescuing and restoring young women from a life of prostitution.

Greg and Mala are in the finishing stages (2 ½ years in process) of completing their 2-story log cabin where they temporarily reside. Greg, who by profession is a lawyer, a graduate of Georgia State University Law School, has become a good all-round handyman, builder, etc. after being forced to leave India. BUT…living in the cabin is not their long-term future, to quote both Mala and Greg.

Please pray for them:

* So many changes,

* so much loss (their home in India, their ministry roles and leadership)

* and so much uncertainty as they move forward.

Mike said: “It was our joy to come and be with them, to stand with them in their time of great transition, and to trust Jesus together, as a missional church community, as they look forward to where and how the Lord is leading them now in their USA-based lives and ministries.”

- Global Missions Team

*The cabin’s heat was no match for January in Easter Kentucky. The cabin was excellent shelter, but to stay warm at night, the crew found wearing winter gear made sleeping more comfortable.

Silvina Erwin