From Brazil to Portugal - Growing Perspectives - The Boot Family

Greetings from Brazil. I pray that God has given grace, peace and wisdom to you as you begin this new year. May His name be honored and loved and worshipped by you and by peoples of all nations as He calls us to the honored joy of His presence. 

Since we last wrote in December, when I spoke of my trip to Portugal, we have seen God at work doing amazing things both in the Frontiers movement as well as through Perspectives. 

In this quick letter I we will share 3 things: 

1. The very positive results of our trip to Portugal to help the Portuguese church start their own national Perspectives movement. 
2. The Frontiers Candidate Training: an explosion of candidates resulting in a 100% increase of FTS Brazilian field workers to the Muslim world. 
3. Some personal family news and prayer requests: Kids, health issues, vacation and school. 

Perspectives in Portugal 

The second week of December I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, along with Flavio, our vice president, and Israel, our national director. We met with several key evangelical and mission leaders. God went before us, preparing the soil for our meetings. 

Our trip came about because of the request of several pastors and missionaries who wanted to see Perspectives go to Portugal. Several leaders have thought that God was moving in Portugal and now was the perfect time to introduce Perspectives. 

We connected with the key Portuguese national mission-sending agency, led by Portuguese pastors and a few Brazilian missionaries. The organization and its leaders are well respected by the Portuguese church, including the key denominations. Everywhere the response was positive and encouraging. 

We want to help facilitate a national Portuguese-led Perspectives movement. Our vision to support them as they developed their own Portuguese style Perspectives course (not bring a Brazilian program to them) was well-received. We also hope to help Angola and Mozambique, Portuguese-speaking African countries, to begin their own national programs. 

VISION: 100% growth in number of workers among Muslim peoples over the next two years. 

In our recent Candidate Training Course, we had over 20 people preparing for the field in the next 1-2 years. Most are solid mature couples in their 30’s and 40’s, who have a strong calling to serve God among unreached peoples. They will be joining teams or starting new teams throughout some of the largest, most unreached nations and people groups. 

The amazing thing is that we started 2018 with 19 workers on the field and 15 candidates in our pipeline. Now, We have a total of 33 people getting ready to leave for the field in the next 2 years. That is a 100% increase between 2018-2020. 

Praise God for His work to accomplish His global purpose of calling worshippers from every tribe and tongue and people group. 


Family: Kids, health issues, vacation and school 

The last few months have been a joy as well as a challenge for our family. 

We were able to take a few weeks of much needed family vacation in December and January. This was important for our bonding as a family since we continue to adapt to being “4”. 


At the same time we experienced many health issues, both with general illnesses, and several specific issues that are still unresolved. Now the new school year is upon us and we are trying to start a new chapter with a more structured family dynamic and schedule. 

We truly appreciate your prayers as we continue adapting to our little dynamite, Natalie. She is so loving and yet such a challenge at the same time. Pray especially for Karla and Julia as the change has been hardest on them. 

For His global worship, 
Kevin, Karla, Julia and Natalie


Silvina Erwin