Jamminglish - Grace Youth on Global Mission


Cross Cultural Missions: Teaching English - Sharing Christ

Summer is the time for Mission Trips! This summer, Grace Youth will have the opportunity to travel to Ukraine to be camp coaches!

Our long-time Global Missions Partners, Oleg and Lena Vasilevsky, run an English learning camp. They are joining forces with Grace Youth to use the very powerful evangelism tool -English- to share not only practical life skills, but also Jesus with the campers.

“Jammglis is a business English camp for teens 13-17 years old where each participant is immersed in a quest program designed so that teens acquire key skills to create their own business as well as learn English and business from US native English coaches.

Grace Youth will travel to Radooga to serve as these coaches, sharing not only English, but also Christ with participants, making a lasting impact on the young leaders of Ukraine.”

Here’s more about the program:

During the last 25 years, God has shaped Radooga as a high-quality, innovative and cutting-edge evangelistic ministry. Inspired by the vision to CHANGE THE COUNTRY BY REACHING AND SHAPING YOUTH FOR CHRIST, we create high-quality events where up to 98% non-churched participants become friends with 100% Christian staff.


-With 98% unchurched campers you may be the only Christian influence in their life… ever!
-You have the most powerful evangelistic tool… ENGLISH!
-You will touch the hearts of future leaders of Ukraine and mentor them in life skills.
-You will be an impact at one of the top 5 camps in Ukraine through innovation and creativity.
-Your passion, education, and a mission will meet.

- Young Adults who are ready to serve. 

- Young Adults looking for an adventure. 

- Young Adults who will work hard.

- Young Adults who are open to another culture. 

- Applied learning and hands-on experience. 

- Immerse yourself in another culture.
- Training & Mentorship from on-field missionaries. 

- Gain a deeper understanding of missions.
- Equip yourself for ministry in any context.

- Learn to share your faith naturally.

Silvina Erwin