Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning program for Elementary-age children is called “FORM,” as we are forming the children into mature believers who know the “Big God Story,” which is the story of God’s redemption throughout the entirety of the Bible. Our classes also offer the children opportunities each week to not just learn about God, but to interact with God through prayer activities and music worship. The children also participate in active worship each week!

Communion Sunday

The first Sunday of each month, K-5 th Grade will join their parents for the Family Communion service. Coloring pages and activity sheets can be found along the back wall if desired.

Tru Curriculum

Tru Curriculum helps leaders, children, and their families connect to God, learn The Big God Story (The Bible), and respond to Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. Every Tru lesson, resource, and product is created for this purpose.


More Information

Snacks are served each week. *Please let us know if your child has a food sensitivity.

All adults working with children at Grace Church have cleared background checks and taken the Risk Class about preventing child abuse. 6. Link to the Tru Curriculum page on the Grace website.