Peter & Margré Hays


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Margré has been in the leadership of Community Bibles Study (International) in Europe since 2006. This ministry has a vision to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ by way of in-depth, caring Bible study available for everyone. For more than 15 years, she has hosted such a Bible study group in her home, and has often invited people to come and join her.

Not many people have wanted to come to study the Bible. We live in a very unchurched area of the Netherlands where perhaps only one percent of the population goes to church on a given Sunday. Most people in the area do even own a Bible.

We have Muslims, Roman Catholics nuns, doubting Christians and non-churched people participating in one group and every single person adds to the faith and growth of the others. Together we are learning what it means to follow Jesus in a serious and meaningful way.

Peter teaches at Tyndale Seminary, devoted to the Biblical and theological training of young men and women from all over the globe. Peter grew up in a military family, having lived in Germany for 4 years. He and Margré met at Dallas Theological Seminary. They have 4 children and have had 23 foster children living in their homes at different times.

When the Lord called them to Holland with Greater Europe Mission (Margré was convinced that she would never go back because they already had EO (Evangelical Broadcasting)), they did not refer to themselves as ‘missionaries’. Instead, they called themselves ‘relational counselors’, helping people to get back into relationship with God and with the people around them. In the European mindset, “missionaries” went to Third world countries where they had no food.

Peter and Margré focus on small group fellowships and have started one church and are working now with a small team to plant another. They have used a variety of ‘bridges’, including courses on “Dealing with Stress”, “Walls of the Heart”, using media, flyers, and even TV to get the word out about their courses. Attendees are broken into small discovery and discussion groups, learning that people want to stay with the group they start out with and grow into community together.

Discussion groups have been core to building bridges and creating safe communities to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ.



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