The Hewetts

Latest from Malawi

The second try getting to Malawi went much more smoothly with the only hitch trying to get from the United gate out to the Ethiopian Airline ticket counter to get my ticket, then back through security to the correct gate; all in a little over two hours.  As soon as we got my new schedule on Thursday evening, Betty called Travel Guard to get them started looking for my suitcase, which left on Thursday without me.  They sent an e-mail asking for the name of my hotel in Lunzu, its phone number and address.  They also asked for three things inside that would identify the suitcase as mine.  Betty's answer was:  one jar Kroger creamy peanut butter, two boxes sweet and salty bars, and one Kroger honey bear.  I never leave home without them because they are a life saver when I'm too tired to go out for dinner.  Ethiopian Airline found the suitcase and put it on a flight to Malawi so it was there when I arrived!

Paul and his son, Wilson, met me at the airport and we drove to Lunzu, ready to begin the schedule Paul had set up.  I was pleased he gave me Sunday as a day of rest because 30 hours of traveling is tiring!  Wilson and Paul will pick me up at 6:30 tomorrow morning and we will drive to Migowi center in Phalombe.  This is where my first seminar will be held.  Please be praying for safety as we travel, for continued good health and for wisdom to be able to present the material in the best way to minister to those attending.