Christmas Update 2018


CHRISTmas joy in our Family! Mala and Morgan with Cathy at the Atlanta Airport last night just in from India. We are driving today to northeastern Kentucky for a family reunion in the Red River Gorge where Jonathan and Jill live and Greg is building the Malstead Family a log cabin. The latest word is that the cabin has a wood-burning stove, running water and a flush toilet. What else could anybody ask for? We are going to investigate.


Warm CHRISTmas Greetings from Our Partners in South Asia.

Christmas joy in Himalayan India as believers gather from many local house fellowships. Most are first generations Christ-followers. Note the shepherds waiting in the wings.  Our partner there says, "Thank you for your prayers, there is great witness going out at this Christmas, We meet in jungle but we are able to bring the people to celebrate His birth ."


Joy in a snows-cape! In early December Atlanta was blanketed by an unusual, heavy snowfall. In the midst of a prayer retreat in North Georgia, we were inspired by scenes like this. Our drive back home brought back winter memories of white Christmases when we lived in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.

More CHRISTmas joy in our Family!  
In addition to Mala and Morgan from India. Andy Malstead arrived from in Kentucky from University in England last Monday. Andy and his family arrived in the Red River Gorge on Friday. When we arrive on Christmas Eve it will make 22 around the table! Sadly, Pete and his tribe can't make it from Idaho.

We wish you and and your loved ones God's best for the coming year.

Silvina Erwin