Click to Create a KidCheck Account

If you haven’t yet created a KidCheck account, please do so by clicking the above link.

Everything will run MUCH smoother if each of you take a few minutes to create an account for your family at home.
Go to to register your family.
More Details If You Want to Know…

  • Each family will need to create an account and register each of their family members. After the account is created the KidCheck process is amazingly quick and simple.

  • Each family will list a primary parent, all children, and other “guardians” who are allowed to check-in or check-out your children.

  • We appreciate both parents, but one of you will be primary. The other will be listed as an approved “guardian.” Each guardian listed should have their own phone number listed in the account.

  • At Check-In, the parent/guardian will only need to enter their phone number to begin the check-in procedure. Each parent/guardian should have their own cell phone number put into the account.

  • Mom enters her phone number if she is checking in the kids.

  • Dad enters his phone number if he is checking in the kids.

  • The phone number used at check-in will be the one we text if there is a need to contact a parent during the service. This is handy if Mom is out of town on a Girl’s Weekend and doesn’t want to know that the baby is crying in the nursery.

  • You will receive a text message each time you check-in your child.

  • Each time you check-in your children, both the child and the parent will get a sticker label that correspond to each other. Each week, your child will be assigned a random new number, which will be on both the parent and child sticker. This prevents an old sticker from being used, or a duplicate sticker being created by a non-approved guardian.

  • At this time, teachers will be verifying check-out with the matching sticker labels. We will not be using the tablets at check-out.

  • The only way a grandparent or friend can check out your children from Sunday School is to add them to your KidCheck account. This can always be done at check-in, but will require extra time.

  • If you have created a KidCheck account at another church, you do not need to create a new account.
    The more information you add to your KidCheck account, the more secure your child is. Adding photos of your child and approved guardians takes a few moments, but adds many layers of security to the check-out procedure.

  • KidCheck respects your privacy. Grace Church cannot see any of your information until you have checked your children into Grace Church for the first time.
    We will help you!!!