Marty & Susan Larsen


The Larsens Retirement Update

Updated 11/2018

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This year Marty had his 70th birthday and Susan had her 71st birthday. We have come to the Biblical life span. This has been a sobering fact of life. While we are still healthy and well, we are finding ourselves needing to be making some decisions.  

Moving from Pastor to Missionary to…. 

GOD has graciously allowed two people who really didn’t have any desire to leave town, let alone our USA shores, to travel the world for over 18 years now.  

After 24 years of traditional pastoral ministry [all the while,unbeknownst to us!] preparing us for our ‘traveling pastoral ministry’!   

  Now, we are finding ourselves ready to settle and no longer travel outside the USA for ministry. We believe we are being led to step away from travel and into a role of greater retirement.   


We are still finding ourselves desiring to minister to missionaries and others through counsel/coaching & service, but from our own home or national borders.  For these reasons we will no longer be taking a salary from Larsen and Larsen Ministries, Inc, after December 31, 2018.  

  Tough Decision, but Listening to Spirit’s Voice 

This has not been an easy decision, but one that we truly believe to be the proper decision through the nudging of the SPIRIT.    
We are not stepping down from directing Pastors Beyond [PB] because we have yet to identify a replacement couple for us... As such we will continue leading [PB] but with a much reduced time allowance each week.   

  Praying for our successor couple 

We believe the pastoring of Missionaries on their turf is still such a vital need in our world today. Please continue to pray for this couple to come to our attention... Ask our Father to place a burden on this couple even before we know who they are.  

  Funding the next part of our journey 

Further, Larsen and Larsen Ministries will continue to exist. Through it we will pay for ongoing office and domestic travel expense for ministry. We will also continue to pay for some of our medical insurance costs.   

We’ll use remaining ministry funds for continued ministry until they run out.  HE has provided for us in the past and will continue to provide.  Please pray with us for this transition into retirement.  
We are deeply thankful to each of you our partners for coming alongside us in this ministry through the years.Several of you have been with us all 18+ years!   

By GOD’S grace we have only gone without a paycheck once in 18+ years... To us, that is absolutely amazing!   

Further, we have ALWAYS known there were people praying for us and our family through all the ups and downs of our ministry life, both here in-country and abroad.  

You will never know how much encouragement this has provided. We are truly humbled to know that so many entrusted us with BOTH prayer and financial support.  

We have also continually prayed for you as our partners and have been honored to call you our partners. We hope that your trust was never violated.  

As we move on from here and into whatever the LORD has for us and our lives we also pray GOD’S great grace upon you and your families!