The MaclachlanS

Mark and Debbie Maclachlan, SIM, Ethiopia Mark and Debbie serve in forestry and church planning among the Awi people in Ethiopia.

They have recently returned to Ethiopia after several months in the United States. During their time in the States, they were in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Chicago, and then Arkansas for their daughter Anna’s college graduation!

On the way back to Ethiopia, they made a stop in Bali, Indonesia for their son’s wedding! What a busy time! Prayer Requests from Mark and Debbie

• Pray for Ethiopia’s new prime minister, Dr. Ably Ahmed.

• Pray for our ministry partner, Tafere. He is the coordinator for Northern Ethiopia Outreach. Pray for funding for his salary and this project.

• Praise God that we have all our financial support.

• Praise God for his provision for us and for good friends who keep us lifted in prayer.

• Pray for us that we will be steadfast in the Kingdom business that God has set before us.