The MaclachlanS

Blessed Christmas Season to each of you!

We will travel up to Barhir Dar (2 hours) to celebrate Christmas with the team there. The Gerst family will do the same. On the 26th we plan to either drive or fly to Addis. That depends on the civl situation in the country. Our car is needing work, but we need relative confidence that the roads are peaceful. We would appreciate prayers for the travel.

There have been issues throughout the country, but we are VERY grateful for a year back in the North after all the months of being evacuated to Addis last Fall. We had returned North in December of last year. All the other families in the North are also very grateful. Our big issue right now is an internet blackout. I am sending this from a friend’s DSL line in town. We are grateful that, at least, continues to function. We are also grateful that the phone system, though in and out, is still around, enabling us to stay in touch with each other and accessible to our kids. Pray for peace for this country, pray for us to exercise wisdom when things are not stable around us, pray for peace for the missionaries and that we don’t lose the open doors we now have!

The local Protestant churches in Injebara are currently suffering from a false prophet named Getahune who has swept in from southern Ethiopia. He is doing an amazing job in spreading division in the church. The core of his teaching is about getting rich. Please pray that his false teaching will stop! Pray for the believers who are currently deceived to come to their senses! At the same time pray for us and yourself to not be deceived in ANY area of our lives! Thank you!

Tomorrow we are inviting local Protestant town believers to come out to an open house with all of us at 5F’s. We want to share with them our vision for sharing Christ in country settings. Pray for us to communicate well and that seeds will be planted for how they might interact with their country relatives. This meeting follows several other meetings we have held with them. We are looking for God to bring the increase!

January 1 - 5th SIM Ethiopia will hold its Spiritual Life Conference for the entire mission. We meet in this way once every two years. With the civil unrest, we may have to cancel our reservations for the conference at a southern venue and instead hold it in Addis. The problem with that will be in having the Addis missionaries really disengage from their day to day work and activities. That will be really, really sad if we have to have it in Addis. BUT, over 200 of us caught in a bad situation down country would also be really sad! Pray for our leadership as they make this very hard decision! Pray for the conference that we will be a people who are expectant for the Spirit to move among us!

Thanks again for standing with us in prayer! Blessings, Debbie