Summer 2018 Update from Ethiopia

Summer 2018

Dear Praying Partners,

We are one week back from Bali and again in Ethiopia.  The time of celebration and family was sweet and unruffled.  Thank you for praying!  One of Caleb's friends came in from deployment in Syria the week before.  Pray for Aaron to find peace with God.  He talked of coming to visit us this Fall.

This week we our having our Northern Team Retreat with more than 30 with us.  EARNESTLY pray as we (all of SIM Ethiopia) are in a season of major change.  Pray for our team to unite well in prayer and for our SIM leaders to hear the Spirit.

For us, pray that we and our team discern what our (Mark and I) next steps are as we have been asked to stay with the leadership team this summer to help.  We will be praying together this week with our  Injebara team.  If we do so, it puts pressure on our Injebara team who have been waiting for us for some significant movement forward.

Daniel is in the midst of med school apps.  Pray for guidance for him!

Anna has launched into her first post college job with Tacos For Life as an assistant manager.  This involves a move within Arkansas where she will know no one...a first for her.  Pray blessing and protection on her.

Thank you for standing with us!    Deb

Silvina Erwin