The Marriage Perspective: Face2Face with Zacchaeus


Each week during our current sermon series, we will highlight how you can apply the sermon to your marriage relationship.

Make sure you have both heard this week’s sermon. Reread the scripture passage together and talk about the following questions or topics:

January 27 Sermon

Face2Face with Zacchaeus

Luke 19:1-10

Did something stand out to you from this week’s sermon? What new perspective or thought did you have?

As a couple, do you feel you have a healthy balance of relationships both with Christians and non-Christians? Why or why not? What might happen – both good and bad – to your family if you were more intentional about outsider relationships?

So who popped into your mind as Gary described Zacchaeus? Tell each other about that person. How much do you really know about your Zacchaeus? What is your natural impulse toward them – to move toward or move away?

Gary asked how our assumptions about people hinder or help our capacity to welcome them into our lives? What does that mean to you? In general, how do assumptions play into our relationships?

Now let’s apply this to our marriage. What assumptions have we been making about each other? For example: “he’s going to say this”, “she’s going to do that”, “he always”, “she never”… How often do we react to each other based on our assumptions (history) of what’s going to happen? Don’t we tend to play out the conversation in our heads before it even happens? That sounds like an assumption and an argument waiting to happen. We call it “intense fellowship”. Here’s something to consider – do we assume the best or the worst of each other?

Gary said that Jesus shaped hospitality is a way of life. It is the active pursuit of people. Jesus always took the initiative to move toward people. So…would you say you are moving toward each other or sadly find yourselves drifting apart?

After spending time with Jesus, Zacchaeus didn’t just say he’s sorry for his actions; he took radical steps to restore and repair. What might that look like in your relationship? So what do you need to do to follow Zac’s example?

Silvina Erwin