Face to Face with A Prostitute Who Loves Jesus


Face to Face with A Prostitute Who Loves Jesus

Luke 7:36-50

This week Gary spoke about a tension that might be growing as we dive into building relationships with those outside the circle of our Christian friends and family. Talk together about the tension you may be feeling surrounding Jesus shaped hospitality as Gary has described it. How has this tension shown up in your life? How is it affecting you as a couple? How can you encourage each other and ease this tension? How have you/can you begin to demonstrate this hospitality in your family?

There was another tension that Gary brought up this week when he shared the story of dinner with his friend. His friend described a reality in the job arena about the gap between the work people imagine that they do and the work they actually do. Well, you know Gary was going to apply that to our spiritual lives. So he challenged us to examine the gap between

  • the life we aspire to live – the life we idolize as followers of Christ

  • the life we actually live – the life we’re called to live

When we honestly look at the lives we’re living - and see the gaps - that’s when we can invite Jesus in to grow us closer in our relationship with him.

What if we asked ourselves the same question about our marriage? What are the gaps between the marriage we aspire to and the marriage we actually have?

We had a glaring example of that gap in our relationship this week. It started with a total misunderstanding. Then it progressed to assumptions and frustrations. The silent treatment turned into anger and then erupted into a full-blown throw down. We call it “intense fellowship”. Hmmm – there seems to be a gap in our communication skills. Now, we know good communication skills. In fact, both of us knew that this misunderstanding was not heading in a good direction yet we kept on going. We chose not to practice what we preach. Sigh.

What gaps exist in your marriage? Are you ok with those gaps? Perhaps those gaps between what we know and how we live is the exact place where Jesus is waiting to work. But often we need some help with our gaps. That’s exactly what Marriage Mentors can do for you. A mentor couple can help you recognize the gaps and help your relationship move closer to the marriage you imagine.

We would love to talk with you about getting connected with a mentor couple. Our fellowship is less “intense” now. We’re still learning how to love each other well. And because we’re not perfect people, it’s a long journey - but we’re in it together.

Jim and Carolyn

Silvina Erwin