The Marriage Perspective: Face2Face with Bartimaeus


Make sure you have both heard this week’s sermon. Reread the scripture passage together and talk about the following questions or topics: 

February 3 Face2Face with Bartimaeus
Mark 10:46-52 

Let’s jump right into how we can apply this passage to our marriages. Bartimaeus had been on this roadside all his life. It was normal for him. He couldn’t see how it could ever be different. Then Jesus came along. Do you feel the same way about your marriage–that it’s just the way it is and can’t be different? Frankly, is your marriage stuck in the same rut that it’s been in for years and now it just feels normal? Stuck can happen to any marriage at any time. We know because we have been stuck a few times over our 37 years. You don’t see “stuck” coming and you certainly don’t plan to be there–it just happens. 

We can get stuck in the midst of the daily grind (you know what that is). We have the same disagreement with the same result just over different circumstances. The kids, the job, the bills just suck the life out of us and we begin to feel and act like roommates instead of soul mates. Plan a time to talk together about what “stuck” might look like for you. We’ve been there so we know this is a hard realization and a hard conversation to have. Be open with each other but be mindful to be gentle and compassionate as you talk through it. You don’t have to stay stuck. We believe you can enjoy your marriage in the midst of the daily grind. 

Examine honestly the road your marriage is on. Are you heading in the right direction to get where you want to go? If not, then why stay on the same path? If you want to go to Atlanta and you’re on 85 South, you won’t get there. You’re going to have to change directions to reach your desired destination. We hope you feel like you’re going in the right direction together. But you know that there is always a need to strengthen your marriage. It’s a wise couple that takes steps to invest in their relationship. 

Bartimaeus was brave. It was risky to yell for help. People didn’t like that he was yelling for help. But he yelled louder and Jesus heard him. This was his opportunity and he would not let it pass him by. What is preventing you from asking for help? We often think we can work our way out of our problems on our own. Well, how’s that working for you??? 

Jesus asked Bartimaeus a simple question, “What do you want me to do for you?” 

So answer the question–what do you want Him to do for your marriage? What would your desires include? Devoted love? Deeper intimacy? Better communication? Resolved conflict? 

Seriously, what do you want for your marriage? 

Why not be courageous enough to ask for it? Marriage Mentoring is here for you. Our mentors are real couples with real marriages going through real life just like you. These couples are living out a Jesus shaped hospitality by choosing to be trained and equipped to welcome a couple who wants to enrich or restore their marriage. Mentors don’t have perfect marriages. In fact, we say that “their mess becomes their message”. But mentors are willing to open their hearts and homes as places of safe conversation and friendship. Mentoring is the gift of two couples simply doing life together. 

Where would Bartimaeus be if he never asked? Well, he’d still be blind and still be stuck on the roadside. But he did ask and now he can see. What might happen if you asked too? Perhaps you could: 

* See things differently 
* See new perspectives 
* See a way forward 
* See a lifelong love 

You can contact Marriage Mentors by emailing us at Your email will come directly to us to ensure your privacy. Read more about mentoring on the GraceMarriage pageof the church website. This might just be your opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by. 

Jim and Carolyn

Silvina Erwin