The Marriage Perspective: Face2Face with Our Enemies


Make sure you have both heard this week’s sermon. Reread the scripture passage together and talk about the following questions or topics:

March 10 Sermon

Face2Face with Our Enemies

Luke 6:27-36

This week we examined Jesus’ command to love our enemies. That’s hard to do but that doesn’t really apply to marriage does it? Surely our spouse is not our enemy. Well…let’s examine that. We personalize the hurts and the arguments as though he/she intended to hurt us. We view our spouse as part of our daily grind instead of our helper through the daily grind. We take note of who “won” that argument–obviously inferring that one of us lost. We far too often take a “me against you” attitude. Hmmm–that’s starting to sound like the description of an enemy.

We are intended to be a team. The Bible calls it “one flesh”. On a baseball team, the defense doesn’t win while the offense loses. We either win together or we lose together. So, how is your team working? Do you act like teammates facing life together or more like opponents seeking “what’s best for me?” Talk together about what your “team” is doing well and what you need to practice.

At Grace Marriage, we want to raise the value of marriage in our church body, in our community, and in your home. God intends for all couples to honor, enjoy, and prioritize their marriage. This is what it looks like to be one flesh and to operate like a team. Talk together about how you can better honor, enjoy, and prioritize your marriage.

Honor–Value and look for the best in each other. Recognize your spouse’s strengths and encourage them. We are not to look down on each other, make fun of each other, and certainly not criticize each other to friends or family. Honor means to decide to esteem each other and your marriage.

Enjoy–Lighten up already. Have you forgotten to enjoy each other in the midst of daily life? Find the fun in sharing a meal, a funny movie, or a romantic moment. Life is hard, but you can decide to find those moments and enjoy each other. Guard your time together and decide to enjoy each other.

Prioritize–So what’s your plan? Great marriages don’t just happen. You are intentional about many things in your life–is your marriage one of them?

When we honor, enjoy, and prioritize our marriage, we won’t view each other as the enemy but as the life mate that was God’s gift to us.

Connecting with a mentor couple will help you in your desire to honor, enjoy, and prioritize your marriage. Contact us at and we will help you get started. This may be the Spring Training your team needs to give you a successful season.

Jim and Carolyn

Silvina Erwin