Relationships: Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Relevance is an important concern to Kingdom-minded people. We want people to discover Christ in ways that are meaningful to their lives and experience. It's easy for churches to define relevance by our styles of worship, trendy environments and creative events. Such things have an important place in the life of a church and should not be ignored. But on a more personal level relevance has more to do with how I engage the people I connect with on a daily basis. Do I care enough about them to look for common ground with them? Do I connect with them around the ordinary stuff of life? Do I enjoy them for who they are? Do I listen to the things they are concerned about? Do I understand the pressures they feel? Serving always starts with an expressed interest in the concerns of others. Relevance is really born out of relationship. 

As our vision to Engage Fayette takes shape our relevance as a church will be best expressed as we learn to connect with our community and it's concerns in meaningful ways because we are followers of Christ. That's where serving always starts.

I received an email last week that captured the journey we're on as we seek to represent Christ in our community.

I don't know whether you saw the Citizen yesterday, but the two headline articles were first, the school budget crisis, which is precipitated by the $6 million or so less the state is giving, and second, the great increase in the minority population in the county. But the thought that came to me is, what do we as Christians think when we see those headlines. Is the first thought the possibility that our property values might drop? Is it "Should I move?" Do we want to run because things might not be as nice or luxurious or homogeneous as we are used to? Those things cross my mind, but the Engage Fayette thing keeps coming to me. Is it about me and my comfort or about the Kingdom? We love to send people to do cross cultural ministry, but will we stay to do it? It sure hit me that this is where the rubber meets the road and even knowing the right answer won't make it easy.

Relevance really is born out of relationship. From a Kingdom point of view relationships is where the rubber meets the road.

Fighting for your heart,

Gary Franklin