The Hard Thing Is The Better Thing

It's easy to romanticize relationships...for about two days. Then the fact that this is hard work becomes very real, sometimes painfully real. I'm a dreamer at heart. I can easily drift to an ideal picture of how something is going to work out. I choose to believe the best in people. More importantly I believe the best about Christ and His commitment to redeem the brokeness of our lives and relationships.

Courage, honesty and humility are always part of the story. Pull any one of them out of the equation and relationships are rarely redeemed.  But finding the right balance in this journey toward redemption is sometimes less than romantic. It's downright messy. Over the years Verna and I have grown pretty comfortable with the place of courage and honesty in our relationship. We've learned the value of sharing what we think and feel. Doing it with humility is another story. Our hurt sometimes trumps grace and gentleness. Even well-intentioned words can bruise and wound. But in the end the hard thing has always been the better thing.

I've been reminded again this week of a couple of things. Taking the needed steps in a relationship sometimes get harder before it gets better. Maybe that's why we hold back. Choices of courage, honesty and humility, as noble as they are, require the hard work of resolve and reconciliation on the other side. Nothing romantic here. Just real. Here's the bottom line. Taking the needed steps in a relationship asks me to die to myself. Always. It reminds me of somthing I find easy to forget when relationships get hard - something that lies at the core of following Jesus. I find my life only when I'm willing to lose it for the sake of Christ. For me, losing my life is always hard. But in the end the hard thing is always the better thing.

Fighting For Your Heart,

Gary Franklin