Finding A Sacred Rhythm

Ordering my life in ways that reflect the things I value and need feels healthy. Thankfully I'm a creature of habit. I enjoy (maybe too much) a sense of rhythm and routine to my life. I love to get up early in the morning while the house is still and quiet, make a bowl of oatmeal (with peanut butter), fire up the tea kettle with a pot of snow flake black tea and enjoy my morning with God. I love reading the Psalms. So each morning begins with a Psalm. Then I take some time to journal. Journaling for me is they way I talk with God. It keeps my mind focused. So I write parts of the Psalm I read that morning as though they were my words. I write about what I'm feeling that morning -  my fears, worries, and hopes. I write about things I see God doing or teaching me. I often write my prayers. Then I return to simply reading through the Bible. I'm reading through the life of Christ right now.

My morning routine is important to me. I fight hard to protect it. But I missed most of my mornings this week. There were a couple of early mornings and late nights (which make early mornings tough). I don't feel a sense of guilt or even regret. Life has a rhythm to it. That rhythm requires me to see and sense God's presence even when my desired routine is interrupted. In fact the interruption of my routine reminds me that my dependence needs to be placed upon God not my routine.

While I no longer feel guilty for 'missing a day' in my rhythm with God, I do find that a few days away from my spiritual rhythm leaves me feeling a bit 'out of stride'. It's like there is a slow leak to my soul that drains spiritual life and energy from me. My faith more easily succumbs to fear. My vision gets cloudy. My perspective is more quickly lost.  And my emotions run amuck.

What I see more clearly that ever is that my rhythm with God restores and refreshes my soul. I need the life Father gives me through it. It provides a center for my spiritual journey as I face the countless pressures, ideas, and feelings that surround me.

I keep these words in the front my my journal...they remind me to protect my sacred rhythm

In this secluded place I meet a King. He comes alone to drink reality with me. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we sit and sip a life that passes by the crowd. An inwardness is born - a felted thing. Of power - a commonality of grace. A union where unmerited, unmended hopes are knit, where silence roars as quiet sings aloud. O Christ, I love it here! It is our place. Speak Lord or not. Touch me or not. Show then Your will or bid me wait in patient grace. Fill all my hungry need with joy again. With loaves of bread and chaliced wine. Heaven, earth and all God are mine.

A Hunger for the Holy     By Calvin Miller

Fighting for Your Heart,

Gary Franklin

Reflections for Your Spiritual Journey...

1. Describe your spiritual rhythm for a typical week?                                                                        

2. What do you discover?                                                                                                                  

3. Describe what do you desire or long for in your rhythm with God?                                                 

4. Take some small and slow steps this week in moving toward that desire.