Why Is Vision Always So Difficult?

This was a difficult week for me. I've struggled with how to express the vision for EngageFayette with words that are clear and compelling. Part of my struggle (okay a big part) is rooted in the insecurity I feel in trying to inspire people to vision. I shared with a good friend this week that as much as I've found freedom from wanting the approval of people I wonder if it was surfacing again as I prepared for this vision talk. He shared with me that he didn't think that was my struggle at all. He believed the weight I felt was born out of how deeply I believed God was leading Grace to a new place...and in how deeply I desired to see Grace follow Him there. His words unstuck my heart and released me to enjoy inviting people to follow Father's voice.

This was the prayer I wrote in my journal Sunday morning...

Father, I'm sharing the vision for 'EngageFayette' this morning. You know I lack confidence as a vision-casting communicator - but this is not about me! I am a deeply flawed and imperfect voice. So speak through my brokenness. May my words touch something deep in the hearts of people today. Father I invite you to ignite something special at Grace this morning...we've been stuck a long time. While I believe you brought me and Verna back to Grace to play a role in what you desire to do at Grace...it must be You who moves the hearts of people. So give me freedom this morning - freedom from trying to impress or convince people. May people simply see and hear my heart. More importantly, may people see and hear Your heart.

Stepping into the vision Father has for us is always hard when we listen to the voice of our insecurities more than the voice of our Father. It steals the freedom we need to follow with abandon. The fact is we're all deeply flawed, imperfect voices. But He will touch the hearts of people through the brokenness of our lives. And while we may lack confidence as we set out to EngageFayette with lives of 'displayed compassion'...we would all do well to remember that it's not about us!

FIghting for your heart,

Gary Franklin

Reflections for Your Spiritual Journey

1. Spend the week reading and meditating on Isaiah 58.

2. Do you see signs that your worship of God has become self-focused?   

Can you name them...?

3. Verses 6-12 describe lives of 'displayed compassion' as the way of God's heart for making an impact in our community.

Whatever resistence you feel right now, are you willing to become willing to follow God?

Would you join us in seeking to become a community that touches our community with the love of Christ?