Living With The Lord's Prayer

I've been living with the The Lord's Prayer these past couple of weeks (Matthew 6:9-15). Jesus' words stir something deep within me - something good, noble and eternal. The thought that God invites 'me' to play a role in bringing the light and life of His Kingdom into my community...captures my imagination...inspires a longing to live and lead differently...also leaves me feeling inadequate.

But what has grabbed my attention of late is the type of man I must become for God's invitation to be freely expressed and experienced...So different from the voices I hear in our culture and churches.

  • A Dependent Man - In need of God's provision everyday (v.11)
  • A Broken Man - In need of God's forgiveness everyday (v.12)
  • A Vulnerable Man - In need of God's protection everyday (v.13)

Dependent, broken and vulnerable...these are not comfortable words for me...not how I want to be experienced by others. I much prefer to be described as self-sufficient, together and strong. The people God best uses are confident, competent and creative.

As I look back I see that so much of my life has been lived from a place of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of being exposed as a fraud. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being respected. Fear of looking weak. Fear of losing control. Fear so easily hijacks my longing for God's heart and leaves me with the regret of missed opportunity. What continues to be so hard for me to grasp is that my freedom from fear is not found by propping up an image of how strong I am, but in growing more comfortable with how weak I am.

I'm tired of living in this place. Tired of fear. Tired of making excuses. Tired of hiding. Tired of missed opportunities. I long to experience and enjoy the freedom of following my Father's with abandon. If the pathway to my freedom is dependence, brokenness and vulnerability...count me in!

Dear Father you are always near me. May I treasure and love your name. May your rule be complete in me. May your will be done in and through me in just the way it is in heaven. Give me today the things I need today. Forgive my sins and impositions on you as I forgive all who in any way have offended or hurt me. Please protect me because I'm so vulnerable. Deliver me from the One bent on doing me harm.         In Jesus name and for the sake of Your Kingdom!

Fighting for your heart,


Reflections for Your Spiritual Journey...

  1. Read Matthew 6:9-15 once a day this week.
  2. As you read these words what do they stir within you?
  3. What fears stand between you and God's longing for you?
  4. Live the prayer this week. Make it your personal prayer each day this week. Invite Father to capture your heart and imagination