Lenten Questions for 2013 ...

Observing Advent and Lent practices were not a part of my religious heritage and tradition. But finding a place for them has brought a richness and substance to my spiritual journey. This will be my 2nd year with Lenten readings and reflections. Since this is still new to me I have a friend who is guiding me by asking questions I reflect upon each week heading into Easter. I thought it might be helpful to share them and invite you to join me this year. My hope is that we all discover a fresh appreciation for all Jesus offers to us through HIs death and resurrection.

Questions for the week of February 18th...

  • What activities, behaviors, and relationships are most distracting to my spiritual life these days?
  • Which ones keep me from seeking God with my whole heart?
  • What do I need to fast from in order to focus more fully on heavenly things?


Fighting for your heart,