Deeply Rooted - A Prayer for 2015

As a way to begin 2015 I prayed for our church family this past Sunday. It felt like a throwback to the pastoral prayers from a different era.  A number of folks asked if I would post the prayer online. Before sharing the prayer I thought a little background would bring even more meaning to the prayer. It's a prayer I've been adding to for many years now. It began as a way for me to keep my soul in a healthy place - anchored to some core commitments. I began praying it every Sunday morning before heading to church. The consistency has been good for me. What began as words in my journal are today more deeply rooted in my spiritual journey. While I've been praying it for myself for a number of years now God prompted me to pray it each week for our entire church family throughout 2015. Last Sunday was the first Sunday ...  Father thank you for this new day, new week and new year.

  • May we use it wisely and enjoy it's gifts;
  • May we participate fully in all it's conversation, challenge and mystery;
  • May we be aware of our flesh and false self patterns ... alert to the ways our Enemy will seek to distract, discourage and defeat us ... and may we die to everything that hinders us from living fully with you and for you;
  • May we be attentive to your presence ... and responsive to your prompting;

Father your faithful love for us endures forever ...

We praise you this morning. You are our strength and honor. All our love and loyalty belong to you.

We entrust everything we love to you ... with a glad surrender and dependence

  • Our family
  • Our friendships
  • Our financial well-being
  • Our health
  • Our ministry
  • Our reputation and legacy
  • Our community of Grace Church

May our souls be so fully satisfied by you that we live peacefully ... joyfully ... courageously ... and passionately. Today and everyday.

And finally Father enable us to love people with a humility that doesn't need to be in control of your activity in their lives  ... with a love that doesn't lose heart or hope the closer we get to their brokenness and sin .... and with a faith that doesn't grow disheartened by a lack of progress because we see in them what You see.

I would like to extend an invitation to any who would join me in this prayer each Sunday morning.

May our roots grow deeper in 2015!