Sabbath Practices - Paying Attention to God

I recently began a six-week series called "Sabbath:A Time To Stop". Stopping is not something we do very well. Our compulsive busyness may stand as the biggest single threat to our spiritual vitality.

My challenge during this series is that you begin setting aside time each week for Sabbath. Each Sunday we'll learn about the various components of Sabbath. And each week in my blog I'll provide some questions for reflection and offer some practical suggestion to that weeks lesson into pratice. 

Sabbath Practice: Paying Attention to God

The essence of a Sabbath heart is paying attention - living fully present, fully awake and fully alive to God. The primary value of setting aside a Sabbath day is that it becomes the place we stop long enough to pay attention. It's a time for us to look around the landscape of our lives with more curiosity about the ways God is showing up and to listen more carefully to the ways He is speaking to us.

People commonly express to me their longing to see God moving in their lives … to have an encounter with God that brings clarity to their life situation …and to live with the confidence of God’s direction beyond their ideas, thoughts or plans. Yet most of choose to live lives that do not set us up to pay attention to God or notice those places where He is at work.

This week I'd like you to begin by asking a few probing questions (you my want to write your thoughts in a journal) ...

  • How carefully do I pay attention to God – really?
  • Do I have enough ‘space’ in my schedule to stop and pay attention when God may want my attenion? 
  • Where are the places and practices in my life that create an intentional opportunityfor paying attention?

Suggested Sabbath Practice: Place in your weekly schedule a regular time and place to begin paying attention to God. 

Sabbath is a spiritual practice that by its very nature sets us up for an encounter with God.

Fighting for your heart,