Satisfied Being Dissatisfied

I read something recently that stirred a new thought about our spiritual journey. Here's the thought - It is spiritually formative to be dissatisfied and unable to resolve the dissatisfaction. As strange as it sounds there may be no better catalyst for our spiritual growth than not getting what we want. Sitting quietly with our dissatisfaction, without frantically trying to resolve it, may do wonders for our soul.

One of the most pervasive values (and voices) in the American culture is a “consumerism” rooted in a belief that the world exists to meet our perceived needs. We see it everywhere we look. And if we're honest we may even see it in a surprising place - our spiritual journey. Just think about how  'countercultural' it would be (even as a follower of Christ) to make our decisions on any basis other than how it benefits us. Has a subtle self-preoccupation become the center of our contemporary spirituality?

Jesus words - "If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it" (Matthew 16:25 NLT) - suggest that dissatisfacion will be part of following Him. I hang on to all kinds of things I believe will bring me life. There are moments when our love for Christ will ask us to surrender our other loves. Give up what we may want. The mystery is that when we do we're satisfied with the dissatisfaction because of the life we gain with Christ.

Some spiritually healthy things happen within us when we don't always get what we want...

  • We become more aware of eternity when we'll enjoy Christ and life in all it's fullness
  • We're more likely to depend on God
  • We learn what it means for God to be enough for us
  • We gain a clearer vision for living in 'the bigger story' of God's Kingdom
  • We must deal honestly with our inner restlessness and addictions
  • And slowly we die to our raging desire to always get what we want

Let's sit more comfortably with our dissatisfactions. As we do we live more comfortably with Christ.

Fighting for your heart,