Something Really Good About Being Quiet

It's been some time since my last post (last fall). I took a few months off surrounding my shoulder surgery but hope to get back into a more regular rhythm.

I sometimes feel dizzied by all the 'voices' that clamor for my attention. There's so much to 'keep up with' in today's world and so many ways to do it. I was recently given an IPad and upgraded my IPhone. Once it was all configured with my laptop everything now communicates with each other 'in the cloud'. It's all good. I think.  

I set aside a day last week just to be quiet. It had been awhile.

I began my morning with a prayer from a book of poems and prayers I use entitled Guerrillas of Grace  (See Sidebar)

    O Holy One

    I hear and say so many words, yet yours is the word I need

    Speak now and help me listen

    And, if what I hear is silence

        Let it quiet me

            Let it touch my need

                Let it break my pride

                    Let it shrink my certainties

                        Let it enlarge my wonder 

I wrote in my journal, "Father I have no agenda this morning other than to be attentive to you and your voice. Direct my thoughts as you desire...awaken my passions as your desire."  

Then I sat in silence. 

After a hour or so (it took awhile for my soul to become still) there were a number of things He clearly wanted me to hear. I'm not sure why I'm always surprised that God shows up when I sit before Him in such openness.

He wanted me to see again a pattern He's been stripping away for years - my self-protectiveness. Then he affirmed my calling and stirred me to live and lead from a place of security, steadfastness and peacefulness in His calling for my life. Lastly there were things He asked me to speak to Verna and each of my children.

I'll not share all the specifics of what was a very personal encounter I simply want to say how good it was - causes me to reflect on how much I miss from God when I'm not quiet enough to listen.

Just saying - There's something really good about being quiet.

Fighting for your heart