A Family Tradition

Baptism is one of the family traditions I most enjoy as a pastor. It's such a powerful metaphor of the life we find in Christ...and the life we now share together in the family of Christ. After church last Sunday many from our church family traveled to the home where our baptisms have taken place for years. We gathered around a pool to listen to a number of adults announce their love for Christ. Then a number of dads took advantage of another of our family traditions - father's baptizing their children ... then affirming them before others.

While every story shared that day was meaningful and celebrated for its uniqueness, we then shared in a moment I've never experienced before - an entire family being baptized together. One by one each stepped into the pool to be baptized ... by members of their extended family who have loved them, prayed for them, stood with them through hard times and were now rejoicing with them as they shared with us what Christ means to them as a family. But the moment that captured all of our hearts occurred right after the baptism. The entire family standing in the pool together in tears embracing each other ...

Menniges Family Baptism Aug2011

This image has gripped me all week long. It powerfully expresses the power of Christ to redeem and restore all our lives...and the vision that our lives be lived and celebrated as His family.

Fighting for Your Hearts,