Christ...Our Unshakeable Center (The Journey Continues...)

In my last post I shared a couple of questions I've been living with recently...

  • Is Jesus the source and sustainer of my life?
  • Is Jesus the unshakeable center I turn to when my life feels uncertain, unstable or unsure?

'How do I 'live' these questions in ways that become more than just superficial affirmations...?

For me it begins by paying closer attention to the things I naturally lean on to sustain my sense of well-being 'other than Jesus' (see last post...)

I then remind myself (daily...) of some things that feel counter-intuitive to the  "I can make life work"  belief that is so deeply embedded in my soul.

A number of years ago I read Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning. It exposed how little I understood and lived in trusting Christ. There are certain books that rock my world and redirect the way I live. This was one of them. It moved me to affirm an aspiration for my 'life legacy' - "Gary trusted God with a ruthless and courageous trust." It's been far easier to affirm than live, but it has remained a conscious commitment ever since.

Here are the things I return to (over and over...and over...) on my journey toward a life of ruthless trust...

  • I am becoming more little in my own sight
  • I am very aware of my brokenness, limitations and weakness
  • I am learning not to require success, wealth, power (or...) to validate my worth
  • I long to be startled by God's extravagant love for me
  • I need to experience the mercy and tenderness of Jesus - lifting me, scarred and depressed after my sin, gently to Himself for my healing and hope.

Like I said - counter-intuitive. Yet that's what following Jesus looks like. A life of ruthless trust - allowing Jesus to be the source, sustainer and unshakeable center of my life - requires me to lose my life to allow Him to live His life in me. 

Fighting For Your Heart,