Christ...Our Unshakeable Center?

Following our study of Hebrews 7 I invited our church family to reflect on a couple of questions...

  • Is Jesus the source and sustainer of my life?
  • Is Jesus the unshakeable center I turn to when my life feels uncertain, unstable or unsure?

As I began reflecting on them myself this week I wondered, 'How do I 'live' these questions in ways that become more than just superficial affirmations?

I think it begins when I pay closer attention to the things I naturally lean on to sustain my sense of well-being 'other than Jesus'. My lack of attention confines to me a shallow place that deprives my soul of one of the things it needs to thrive - contact with reality.

Here are a few of the 'other things' I look to...

Feeling like I'm 'in control' of all the stuff in my life. Whenever my life requires more of me than I think I can handle I naturally default in one of two directions. Either I feel so overwhelmed I emotionally withdraw - strangely hoping that ignoring something will make it go away. Or I kick into an overdrive - driven by a belief that "If I worked harder or longer...". Neither serves my walk with Christ well. Both expose how much my need to feel like I'm in control hinders me from looking to Christ as the source and sustainer of my life.   

Feeling like my circumstances are peaceful. Wherever the 'pressure' comes from - whether it be concerns about our financial well-being, our kids, close friends or the church family I serve - the lack of peace leaves my soul feeling unsettled, tired and anxious. Whenever life feels heavy and hard I feel this strong need to be more responsible and make everything right. The pressure I feel to be responsible often pushes Christ to the margins. My sense of Christ's presence is too closely connected to my circumstances being peaceful. I find it harder to experience Christ's peacefulness when my circumstances are anything but peaceful.

Feeling like I'm succeeding in the things that matter to me. Marriage. Parenting. Career. Health. Ministry. My spiritual life. Few things are as toxic to my soul as when I fail to live up to my expectations of myself, what others expect of me...what I think God expects of me. My internal response to my imperfection is  "I should be beyond that by now..." or "I'm better than that...". Yet my humanity is what it is - broken, fallen and sinful. The more I try to manage my imperfection the less I embrace the mystery of Christ in me.

Here's my invitation - take some time this week to pay attention to the things you naturally look to 'other than Jesus' to provide you with a sense of well-being.

Fighting for your heart,