"Family Talk"

I'm beginning a new focus area in my blog called 'Family Talk'. I will periodically use 'Family Talk' entries to talk about some of the issues that are very specific to the Grace Church family - things we're facing as a church, growth areas, invitations, and challenges. On any given Sunday we estimate that some 30% of you are away. It presents special challenges to us in keeping you informed and involved in things we care about. Our hope is that 'Family Talk' plays a role in keeping us better connected.

Last Sunday I began a two-part series called "Portraits in Giving". Each year the elders ask me to provide Biblical instruction for our giving as a church family. Such talks are intended to disciple our church family in our attitudes and priorities in giving. 

In II Corinthians 8:7 we're challenged to "excel in the grace of giving". We looked at what excelling in giving looks like...

  • Excelling in giving is less about our financial situation than our faith posture
  • Excelling in giving is rarely a romantic experience – more often than not it’s about meeting very ordinary needs  
  • Excelling in giving is best experienced when we plan for it
  • Excelling in giving thrives when it moves from duty to joy
  • Excelling in giving may be the best barometer of our trust in God                                             

If you missed Sunday I would encourage you to sit down with your Bible, turn to II Corinthians 8-9 and listen to the talk (Go to our website at www.gracechurchfayette.org and listen to the talk for April 10).

This Sunday we'll look at the fruit of your generosity by telling a number of very special stories you won't want to miss. 

Your faithfulness and generosity sustain our ministry. Our hope and invitation is that everyone attending Grace Church embraces Paul's challenge to 'excel in this grace of giving'.

Fighting for your heart,