Trusting What Really Matters - Reflections from Psalm 115

Psalm 115 describes the folly of trusting things that do not matter...things that promise security and satisfaction but fail to deliver anything life-giving or lasting (vv.3-8). Idolatry is not a comfortable word for us. Maybe we think we're too sophisticated or too spiritual to be culpable. But idolatry sneaks up on us. I fear idolatry is often the unseen product of busyness. At least it is for me. I allow myself to become so consumed with making life work I allow 'substitutes' to distract and even replace things that really matter - things like loving God and loving people more deeply. Before I even see it my heart looks to the substitute not the substance for its life. The silent seduction of Idolatry.

Rescue from this kind of idolatry is less about repentance than resting. 

I've been reading Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God's Transforming Presence by Ruth Haley Barton. We break the silent seduction of idolatry by resting in the presence of God.

"In times of solitude the soul rests in God by simply being with God with what is (p.78)"

When I slow the pace of life down long enough to enter into solitude I pause right where I am at that moment and meet God there. I meet God in my present delights or my present sadnesses. I meet God in my tears and my laughter. We meet God in my most unnerving questions and in the answers I celebrate. No matter where I am in any given day, when the noise stops and everything gets quiet I allow myself to be present with God - give Him access to the reality of 'what is' - I experience His presence with me.

  • His love for me and faithfulness to me can be trusted (v.1)
  • He is my helper and shield (v.9)
  • He remembers and blesses me (v.12)
  • He will bless me when trust HIm (v.13)

These things are the substance of what really matters. The seduction of idolatry is broken when I sit before God and He quietly reminds me of what I so easily forget - He is for me and He is worthy of my trust.

I find it inexplicable the way God is present with me when I trust myself to Him. Peacefulness. Calm. Perspective. Vision. Courage. Hope. Resilience. While I may not be able to explain His presence I am deeply grateful for it. 

Fighting for your hearts,


I hope you are joining us in our fall journey of praying the Psalms. The week of October 25 our focus will be Psalm 95. On Monday and Thursday of this week devote time at the beginning of your day, at midday and finally before you go to bed reading the Psalm.