Reflection on Psalm 100

This fall our church family is reading and praying a different Psalm each week to draw our hearts closer to God. Each Monday and Thursday we're praying the Psalm assigned for that week in the morning, midday and at night. It was born out of a challenge I made to our church family that we be less consumed by the emotions stirred by a 24-hour news cycle and be more consumed by the heart of God. 

Our Psalm this week is Psalm 100. Here are a few of my reflections taken from my journal...

Father I woke this morning feeling the weight of all the familiar stuff - a very busy week ahead of me, financial realities at home and at church, thinking (okay worrying) about my children, tension with a couple of relationships, hurting people, leading a church family, and of course the nagging presence of my internal stuff - like my tendency toward fear and shame. Sometimes it just feels like too much..

Psalm 100 was freeing for me this morning. It was good to be reminded that you are god over the all the stuff in my life...that you made me (you really know me)...that because I belong to you I can trust you to protect and provide for me...that you are good - your love for me and loyalty toward me know no limit or end. 

After spending a few minutes in silence reflecting on the Psalm yesterday morning my soul smiled. The weight of my day somehow felt lighter. It's just as the Psalmist wrote - when we come to you as a God who is for us our hearts are glad and grateful. My midday reading took place while waiting in the drive-through at the bank around lunch (growing a little impatient with how slow the lines were moving). So I pulled out my IPhone and read Psalm 100 while I waited. Once again my soul smiled. I was even pleasant to the teller. And the last thing I did before falling asleep was read Psalm 100. My soul smiled once again. 

Father I worship you with gladness...I come before you singing with joy (v.2 NLT)!

As we look to the Psalms this fall I would love to hear your stories of how Father is using them to quiet your heart (either through this blog or Facebook). Remember Thursday we'll return to Psalm 100. Next week Psalm 23.

Fighting for your hearts,