Prayer as the Fall Season Begins...

I thought it would be good to begin this fall season with prayer. Here are a number of things on my heart...

  •  Fall Vision Series - "Community: Turning Toward Christ and One Another"  For the last few years we have focused on turning toward our community with Engage Fayette. We are now turning our attention toward maturing an environment where we love Christ and one another deeply. I am praying that Father gives us a shared vision for how we live in community with one another. 
  • Beautiful Month - We're taking a big step this year...inviting you to devote parts of three Saturday's to serving in our community. We're beginning with "Circle the City in Prayer". I am praying that a majority of our church family will participate and that our vision for representing Christ in our community would capture our hearts.
  • Children and Student Ministries - I am praying that needed volunteers will surface because Father stirs a commitment to investing in the next generation.
  • Sustained Financial Provision - I am praying that father continues to meet our needs in generous ways...that more of our families would see themselves as financial stewards, stakeholders and investors in the vision of Grace Church.
  • Hurting Families - Many of our families are facing stressful life circumstances. I am praying that they would lean hard on God and experience His sufficiency for them...that they would find the Grace family to be a place of healing and hope.
  • Protection from our enemy - I am more and more aware of our enemies efforts to distract, discourage and dishearten us. I have sensed his assault have grown more intense in recent months. I am praying that we remain dependent upon our Father's direction for us...that we stand against being distracted by anything that would take our eyes off a passion for following Christ and serving His Kingdom...that we see past any differences that have the potential of dividing us as we hold tightly to Jesus who unites us.

Thank you for 'standing in the gap' with me by supporting Grace in prayer. It is the way we lock our hearts and lives together as we begin another year together.

Fighting for your hearts,