The Marks of God's Faithfulness

I gave myself permission to blog less during the summer. Thanks to all those who asked - it's always nice to be missed (and to know a few folks read them...)

It's been a full summer. The rhythm of our church calendar slows down in the summer months. It's always a welcome break from the pace of life and leadership. Although there were times when the lack of busyness left me feeling a bit useless. Maybe it exposes how addicted we've become to a hectic and harried pace of life.

Our summer was bookended by two key memories for our family. Our oldest son Tim was married the end of May. I had the privilege of performing the ceremony. I was surprised by the emotion I felt as I stood before Tim and Kris. As the ceremony began I stood before them in tears unable to speak. Tim (who stands 6 inches taller than me) reached over put his hand on my shoulder and assured me - "It will be fine dad!". A tender moment. So much for pastoral professionalism. As soon as we celebrated their marriage we celebrate (and grieve) their move to Denver Labor Day weekend. Tim will pursue the next stage in his career as they build their life together.


As the summer ends Verna and I celebrate 33 years of marriage today. I simply cannot describe the love and respect I have for her. I cannot imagine life or ministry without her. It is a rare gift to share life with someone whose passion and vision for what is lasting is fully embraced. Sweetheart, thank you for loving me as deeply as you do for all these years. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for having the courage to speak truth to me. I look forward to the future with my most 'trusted friend' and 'soul mate'. Here's what we looked like on August 12, 1977!


I begin and end each day with a simple breath prayer - Father, your faithful love toward me endures forever. This simple reminder protects me from my tendency to forget how loyal Father is to me. 

As we step back into the pace and pressures of the fall season let's always make room to remember.

Fighting for Your Heart,