Some of the Sources Behind Our Exhaustion

In my last post I described a few of the 'symptoms' of being 'dangerously tired'. I received quite an email response from those of you who saw yourself in the list. This week I want to name a few of the sources that may lie behind our exhaustion. Spend a few quiet minutes with the following thoughts...see if any of them resonate.

  • An unbalanced sense of "ought" and "should" born out of our need to please people or be productive
  • We are embarrassed by our 'humanness' - Maybe one of the most spiritual things we can do is embrace our humanity and its limitations!
  • We have difficulty receiving help from others - We struggle to be seen as needy and would rather be seen as the helper or healer
  • An absence of clear boundaries for our lives and leadership - we are wise to recognize where our responsibility ends and God's begins
  • Some of our 'darker' motives overpower our 'noble' motives - i.e., our need for acceptance and approval drives more of our busyness than loving people in healthy ways
  • We carry the sadness and toxicity of unhealed wounds and relationships - The baggage of an unresolved past is heavy to haul around
  • Isolation - we have few safe places or friendships where we don't have to be at our best (perform) but are free to simply "be" and know we are accepted and loved in our humanity and brokenness
  • Information and technology overload - too much news and too many ways for staying informed. More information has little impact on our spiritual well-being. The need to 'stay informed' becomes an addiction that steals time and passion from us. Better for our spiritual health to listen more to what's deep inside.
  • Our own willfulness - Choosing our agenda when it may not be God's. A 'spiritual narcissism' that refuses to accept the limits of reality...cannot accept 'what is'...compelled to make everything better. Rest is born out of a quiet and humble submission to seeing God's presence in reality - especially when we dream of a better or different reality.

Summer is a great time to 'slow down' long enough to take an honest look at your reality. The change in seasons provides us with a wonderful metaphor for the place and need for rhythm in our lives. Maybe spending some quiet moments while away on vacation reflecting on your spiritual and emotional health would be the best gift you could give yourself - and your family and friends!

Fighting for your heart,